7 Habits that Would Make your Teeth Turn Yellow and How to Avoid them.

Teeth Turn Yellow

Teeth Turn Yellow is not something that could be Alarming as some of other dental problems like tooth decay and toothache, But this yellow teeth can cost your smile ,and confidence, Most people with extremely Teeth Turn Yellow always find difficulties in Smiling most times.

However ,There are ways you could change a few habits in order to maintain your white Teeth. Here are 5 common causes of this undesirable Teeth yellowing.

1) Smoking/Tobacco use

Teeth Turn Yellow

 Every one knows Smoking is a bad habit, its is even written on the packs that smokers are liable to die young, The habits of smoking is not only detrimental to the lungs but also, damages the teeth enamels and even leads to gum diseases, as well as mouth cancers in some cases.

Making use of tobacco also falls in this same category. people who smoke heavily usually complain of having an ugly, yellow/brown teeth crippled with bad breaths. 

  the most advent effect of smoking is often that of the teeth yellowing, which usually leads to social embarrassment. Most people would spend a huge some on Teeth white bing Treatment, little do they know the best treatment is abstinence from smoking entirely.

2) Grinding of Teeth

Most people engage in this tooth grinding habit unconsciously, some people do it when they’re vexed or while asleep. this is quite harmful to the human teeth enamels, as it is weakening it gradually to the point of Teeth Turn Yellow. to avoid these habits Make use of Chewing gums

3) Making use of certain Mouthwashes and Toothpaste

  The aim of Using a mouthwash is to prevent bad breath, same goes for most toothpaste, but sadly some toothpaste only help in killing germs in the mouth and giving good breath but few ingredients present in them can cause teeth Discoloration. these ingredients include Chlorhexidine and Cetylpyridinium. so in order to avoid this, make sure you check the content of your toothpaste and mouthwash before buying.

4). Eating Foods that stains the teeth without mouth rinse

 most food contain pigments that cling to our tooth enamel and thereby Stain the surface .these includes spicy foods with curry , tomatoes Sauce etc. in order to avoid this ,rinse mouth regularly with water immediately after having a meal.

5) Sodas, Caffeinated Drinks like Coffee and tea, 

Coffee and tea are what most people do take in almost every day, Coffee and tea are most common, according to research when it comes to teeth yellowing, although red and white wine are also to blame at times Teeth Turn Yellow, Other drinks which when taken often includes dark and light soda drinks.

6) Lastly Not Brushing Twice Daily

Teeth Turn Yellow

When you let foods which contain pigments that stains the teeth cling to the teeth for hours without brushing it off, it may gradually lead to discoloration of the Teeth or even Teeth Turn Yellow.

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