Likoni Floating Bridge With Movable Parts That Will Open and Close

Likoni Floating Bridge

TweetShareSharePin1010 Shares The Sh1.7 billion Likoni Floating Bridge, expected to be opened to the public in mid-month, will be 800 meters long and will have a six-meter wide walkway. The Likoni Floating Bridge will have a 150-meter long movable part, right at the middle, which will be opened and closed to allow for ships to pass through to and from the Mombasa port. The movable part will be connected to motors on both sides of the section to allow the Likoni Floating Bridge to open and close. The northern trestle,…

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10 Things You Did Not Know About Kenya’s SGR Phase 2A

SGR Phase 2A

TweetShareSharePin77 Shares The 120 km Standard Gauge Railway-SGR Phase 2A from Nairobi to Naivasha, is the first of the three segments that make up the second phase of the SGR construction that is expected to terminate at Malaba. With China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) left with twenty percent, before they finish the project, here are ten facts you didn’t know about the new SGR Phase 2A line: 1. The Standard Gauge Railway – SGR Phase 2A will run from Nairobi South railway station to Duka Moja, Narok. 2. SGR Phase…

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”Now You Can Borrow Again” 64 Mobile Loan Apps Barred From CRB Access In Kenya.

Mobile Loan Apps Barred From CRB Access

TweetShareSharePin22 Shares Central Bank of Kenya Governor Patrick Njoroge last week barred a number of mobile-based lenders from using the Credit Reference Bureaus (CRBs), denying them a critical tool in assessing the creditworthiness of a potential borrower. Besides unregulated mobile-based lenders, the Central Bank of Kenya CBK also withdrew the approvals granted to unregulated credit-only lenders as third party credit information providers to CRBs. “The withdrawal is in response to numerous public complaints over misuse of the credit Information System by the unregulated digital and credit-only lenders, and particularly their…

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5 SEO Mistakes to Avoid When Promoting Your Company.

5 SEO Mistakes to Avoid When Promoting Your Company.

TweetShareSharePin11 Shares SEO Mistakes to Avoid in your Company Online Prints Following a good SEO strategy is an ideal way to promote your business. The use of properly optimized content on your website can create awareness of your business in the marketplace. However, the SEO effort must be correctly done to ensure proper optimization. This will require that your company remains on top of its marketing campaign and its SEO practices by following accepted SEO tips throughout its marketing campaign. The use of the tips will help the marketing plan…

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Do Not Make These 10 Common SEO Mistakes

10 Common SEO Mistakes

TweetShareSharePin22 Shares The time has come to list the top 10 Common SEO Mistakes committed by website owners worldwide. If you are not too happy about your website’s rankings on the search engines, then look through this list and make sure that the website is not committing any of these mistakes. I’ve divided up this article into 2 sections: on-page SEO and off-page SEO mistakes. As you read through this post, you will realize that the mistakes listed here are strongly based on what I’ve covered in my previous posts…

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3 Reasons Why You Should Stop Using Your Mobile Phone Late At Night.

Stop Using Your Mobile Phone Late At Night.

TweetShareSharePin22 Shares Using your mobile phone at night is pretty interesting, right? As we all know there is nothing that has advantages that don’t have disadvantages. These are 3 reasons why you should stop using your mobile phone late at night. People use the phone at night for various reasons; might be for fun or for business and mind you this is not only meant for those who use the phone at night but another gadget that emits screen light too; be it your desktop or television. Let’s get into…

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7 Things You Should Never Search For on Google

Never Search For on Google

TweetShare25SharePin126 Shares They say Google has all the answers and it surely has but the information found in Google is not verified anyone can write anything on Google. Just to be on the safe side here a some of the things that you should never search just for your own good. 1. Your Name You should never search your name about your name this is because the answer you will get will not be pleasing or it gives a different and bad meaning to your name and you won’t like…

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Apple Launched its new Apple Watch Series 6, Watch SE, Fitness+, Apple One, iPad 8th Gen & iPad Air 4th Gen!.

Apple Watch Series 6

TweetShare25SharePin126 Shares Apple Watch Series 6 The Apple Watch Series 6 is the first product Apple announced. The headline feature of this product is its ability to measure blood oxygen saturation. It’s a measure of how well your cardiovascular system is functioning. If you have Series 6, you may not need to use a dedicated pulse oximeter.  This is the first Apple Watch to ship with a Product Red edition, which has a red band and Apple contributes a part of the proceeds from sales of Product Red edition products…

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Google Urges Android Users to Immediately Delete These 24 Banned Apps.

Google Banned Apps

TweetShare2SharePin2 Shares Google has banned a further 24 apps from its Play Store because of concerns they are causing Android users to be flooded with adverts. The tech giant banned more than 50 apps last month for the same problem, with worries that the apps were clogging phones up with annoying hardware. Now there are 25 more apps that users should delete from their phone if they use Android, reports the Daily Express. The latest attack is a serious one as it targeted Facebook users with stolen personal details and credentials…

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Is Google’s Covid-19 App Safe and Secure?

Google's Covid-19 App

TweetShare12SharePin12 Shares Google has come up with a platform for helping the public maintain safety against COVID-19. The company has introduced a mobile app known as the “Covid-19 mobile app” which is available on all mobile handsets. The application is able to detect if the subscriber has been in close contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19. The app allows the mobile users to subscribe and hence use a Bluetooth technology which basically works on a short-range wireless network. Two mobile subscribers are able to exchange messages while…

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