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How Ruto Is Winning Kenyan Heart As 2022 Approaches.


Here is how Ruto Is Winning Kenyan Heart; Deputy President William Ruto is set to taking up President Uhuru Kenyatta’s duty of serving the country as the 5th president of the Republic of Kenya.

Despite the fact that Uhuru is showing signs of not backing him up, Ruto is proving that he has the people of Kenya for his support.

Dr. William Ruto is winning the Kenyans attention and heart through his tactics which are bearing fruits. These tactics have gained Ruto a lot of points especially in the Mt Kenya region, Western and other parts of the country.

These are Deputy President’s political tactics which have gained him a favor from a majority of the Kenyans:

How Ruto Is Winning Kenyan Heart As 2022 Approaches.

Engaging himself in church activities

Deputy President William Ruto has been frequently attending church services during the weekends (Saturdays and Sundays).

He has participated in singing touches financially which led to him being condemned and accused of misusing his office by misusing Kenyan’s funds.

How Ruto Is Winning Kenyan Heart As 2022 Approaches.

Visiting Most parts of the country

Ruto has been befriending himself with the Kenyans by visiting interior regions interacting with the people of the area.

This tactic has made the people like him and see him as a man with people’s interests at heart.

During his visit, he could surprise people with small businesses and buy what they sell like “mahindi choma” and bananas.

How Ruto Is Winning Kenyan Heart As 2022 Approaches.

Engaging popular and fearless politicians

Deputy President has won the support of some influential politicians. This has increased his popularity especially in the region where these politicians come from.

These politicians include Moses Kuria of Gatundu South – Kiambu county, Bahati MP Kimani Ngungiri, and many others. These politicians have even dared the statehouse to prove their support for Ruto.

How Ruto Is Winning Kenyan Heart As 2022 Approaches.

Playing safe politics

Deputy President William Ruto has always been smart in his political game especially in the central region.

Whenever he is in Mt Kenya region, for a visit or launching a project, he must recognize that Uhuru is his boss and he is working together with him for the Country’s development

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