Teachers Rush To Register For ‘Nyumba Kumi’ Teaching

Nyumba Kumi' Teaching

The teachers employed by the teachers service commission have up to the end of business today to register themselves with the local Curriculum Support Officers near the areas where they stay to undertake ‘nyumba kumi’ community teaching.

The teacher’s service commission introduced the nyumba kumi community teaching to teach students in areas where they reside. Schools were closed in March this year due to COVID 19. 

Messages from education officials are asking teachers to register themselves by end of today before the list is forwarded to the county headquarters. Consequences for teachers who will not register have not been specified but the circular by TSC indicated that the teacher’s code of regulations and code of conduct and ethics will reign Supreme during the exercise.

The teachers are expected to engage learners in numeracy literacy, life skills, guidance and counseling among others including psycho social support. A few teachers had registered by yesterday which was the official deadline but many teachers were not aware of the circular, but the flow of teachers is higher today according to education officials.

Principals have been asked to report to their schools once a week to supervise the teaching and learning exercise, an Indication that schools may form the

center of operations for ‘nyumba kumi’ teaching.

Other teachers were still trying to make a decision on the areas they will prefer to do their community teaching. 

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