Tanzania Opposition Leader Tundu Lissu Drops a Bombshell on Heartbreaking COVID-19 Situation In TZ.

Tanzania Opposition

The COVID-19 pandemic has no doubt caused enough havoc and wreckage across the world. Economies have suffered a lot with many companies announcing huge losses as a result of the monstrous virus.

In Africa, one country has no doubt continued surprising the world. Tanzania is reported to be one of the few countries that have not been hit by the effects of the virus.

According to the President of Tanzania Mr. John Pombe Magufuli, the country is free of COVID-19 after it fasted for 7 days. The country had reported a significant number of COVID-19 cases before the President banned all COVID19 related announcements by the country’s Ministry of Health. 

Tanzania Opposition

He has since revealed that through praying alone the country had been able to overcome the monstrous coronavirus and that the country’s economy had returned to normal.

His views and opinions have however been quashed by the Tanzania Opposition Leader Mr. Tundu Lissu. Speaking on live Radio at Royal Media’s Radio Citizen, Lissu revealed that Magufuli was lying to the world.

According to the veteran politician, President Magufuli had abandoned Tanzanians and that many were dying from the virus as a result of the President’s greediness.

He explained that Magufuli was using the alleged win on COVID-19 as a campaign tool for the October national polls. “Magufuli Anadanganya Ulimwengu kwa Kweli, Manake Ugonjwa upo humu nchini na watu wanakufa kwa wingi,Ni jambo la kusikikitisha na kutia huzuni. (Magufuli is lying to the world because the virus is here in Tanzania, it’s so sad and heartbreaking)” Tanzania Opposition Leader said

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Tanzania Opposition Leader Tundu Lissu Drops a Bombshell on Heartbreaking COVID-19 Situation In TZ. 1

During the Jambo Kenya show that is hosted by Vicent Ateya and Melody Sinzore, Lissu who has just returned to the country after he was shot during an assassination attempt Alleged by Magufuli’s government, revealed how Magufuli is bullying Tanzanians into submission.

He revealed that one could be jailed in Tanzania for only saying that they are suffering from the virus. Go to Jail for being sick? This is indeed sad. 

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