Tanzania is Not Ready For Covid-19 Vaccine; Ministry of Health Said.

Tanzania Ministry of Health

TANZANIA will not prescribe antibodies to prevent the spread of corona virus, the Ministry of Health has said.

“Our healthcare professionals and scientists continue to research and experiment with traditional medicine,” he said.

WHO has warned against the use of natural remedies that could be dangerous to health. , “Chami said. it is likely to reach the countries of the East African region in 2022.

This is after the rich countries ordered all doses of the vaccine. 230 are being tested worldwide, but only two vaccines are being tested in Africa. The vaccines are being tested in Kenya, South Africa, and Egypt.

Tanzania Ministry of Health
Tanzania Ministry of Health

The vaccine developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca are the most suitable in Africa as it can be stored in refrigerators that are already used in Africa. Only 20% of East Africans are expected to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. Through the Covax program.

According to the Director of the African Population Research Institute, Cat Herine Kyobutungi, there is a strong possibility that Africa will receive the Covid-19 vaccine after the world’s richest nations provide it to their citizens.

“Africa is likely to be vaccinated against the coronavirus by the end of 2022,” The vaccine is between Sh160 and Sh200 per dose. The Ugandan Ministry of Health said on Monday that it had ordered the vaccine through the Covax program.

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