“Tanga Tanga” Not Yet Celebration, What Comes Next Is Bigger. This Is Why.

"Tanga Tanga" Not Yet Celebration, What Comes Next Is Bigger. This Is Why. 1

Tanga Tanga guys are very funny and confused right, when they spot Uhuru and Raila they dismiss him as a despotic dynasty who should be condemned by the strongest word possible, they even perceive that an injury to him is an injury to the devil.

But when they spot the same Uhuru with Ruto, they get over exited to a point that they even forget that he is a dynasty, and instead blame Raila for the woes in jubilee party.

Today since they have spotted Uhuru with Ruto they are giving us a restless day, some of them will even sleep with shoes. They have even created a false misguided narrative that Uhuru and Ruto are playing Raila behind the seen I want to urge you Tanga Tanga guys to wake up and smell the reality, it is all over the air that things are not in order in the jubilee, from the following facts:

  1. Ruto’s ally Murkomen, Kihika, and Kithure Kindiki have lost their prestigious position and Uhuru unapologetically stated that those who are not in a position to work in tandem with his agenda can quit the party.
  2. Ruto allied members of NMC were thrown out despite protests from the Dp and his allies.
  3. Uhuru in his statement today affirmed that BBI is alive and kicking, Something that Dp is against.
  4. Dp allies in cabinet Kiunjuri, Rotich, and Echesa were fired without apology.
  5. Of late security and top government officials were withdrawn from Dps meeting
  6. Uhuru in Kasarani said he will be lounging projects in central Kenya on his own because the people he trusted are taking advantage and instead start selling their agenda, which was an apparent reference to Dp Ruto.
  7. Itumbi who was statehouse’ digital strategist was fired because of his affiliation to Ruto
  8. The 7 Ruto allies who voted in opposition of Kindiki impeachment motion were de-whipped from their powerful position
  9. Ruto allied MPs ie(Kimani Ichungwah) have been receiving threats from state officers to change their course or face consequences.
  10. Tomorrow Uhuru has summoned a National Assembly PG, Where Ruto allied MPs will be axed
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My advice to Tanga Tanga friends don’t be fooled by the events that happened at the statehouse today and downplay the concrete facts above mentioned, Of cos, they had to play down their rivalry in public, so you guys expected them to exchange blows?

No, they can’t, they will laugh, smile, exchange pleasantries but the fact remains, all is not well, Ruto’s goose is already cooked and served, so please restrain from wishful thinking and embrace the reality and stop living in denial.

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