“We Could be Quarantined Until After 2022 if it Was us,” Tanga Tanga Leader Weighs in After Senator Sakaja’s Arrest

Senator Samson Cherargei

Reports of Nairobi Senator Sakaja’s arrest at a Kilimani bar, in the company of other 10 people for flouting COVID- 19 rules on Saturday morning, have evoked emotions from other politicians.

However, the Jubilee senator has dismissed his arrest, and instead, he has challenged those behind the claims to produce an OB No for show.

“Never been arrested. Won’t be. Show me an OB Number,” he tweeted.

Further, disparaging the police claims of his arrest, where he threatened to transfer all the officers that participated in his arrest within 24 hours according to police, Sakaja told the Star the claims were “politics”.

He told the paper: ” I am at home but I am ready to present myself to the Kilimani police station if they’re planning to arrest me.”

And now leaders drawn from Tangatanga’s wing of Jubilee, have shown concern why the senator and his pack of revelers were released from custody, against the government’s COVID- 19 rules.

Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei – a key Ruto ally – who among others, has been on the receiving end of President Uhuru’s government lately, has questioned why the senator was released despite breaking the curfew rules.

“@Sakaja Johnson ndugu who can arrest Kafment?”he commented on Twitter, adding: ” Kama ingekuwa some of us we could be quarantined until after 2022.”

“Sanitize meanwhile the 5th president of Kenya is Dr. William Samoei Arap Ruto,” he wrote.

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According to police, senator Sakaja was drinking with his colleagues at around 0100hrs. He became violent when advised to leave the premises and rallied the other 10 people with him to stay, leading to the arrest. 

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