“Ngengetone” 35 Common Sheng Phrases Used In Kenya With Their Definitions.


TweetShare2SharePin2 Shares Sheng slang has puzzled many outsiders due to its dynamic nature. Every youth generation comes up with new phrases that make the previous ones irrelevant. Earlier linguistic scholars predicted a premature death for the cant, but it has defied the test of time, growing to become the unofficial lingo of Kenyan under-class estates. Sheng evolves rapidly,with sheng new words get devised while older words disappear Common Sheng Words and Their Definition; 1.Ndoko ~ girl 2.Ngwelo ~ bang 3.Pira ~ car 4.Arif~ friend 5.Marima/banka ~ nyumba 6.Mbulu ~ tv 7.Tonje ~ laptop 8.Mloite ~ toilet 9.Kighonyi ~…

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