4 Reasons Why Schools Are Likely To Close Shortly After Reopening.

School Closure: Finally Grade 1-3 Class 5-7 & Form 1-3 Date Of Resuming Revealed Latest Update

TweetShare209SharePin5214 Shares The Kenyan education ministry has already set date for the reopening of primary and secondary schools in phases. Grade 4, class 8, and form 4 learners will reopen on Monday, 12th October 2020. Other learners were likely to reopen a week or two weeks later. However, there are possible chances that schools might be forced to close after actual reopening is done. Below here are a number of reasons why schools may close moments after resumption:- 1.Increasing Cases of coronavirus It can be noticed that the cases of…

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Schools Re-open Date: This Is How Soon It Will Happen.


TweetShare350SharePin5355 Shares Re-opening of the schools has been such an awaited plan by many. This is because children play a special position in society. When these children are not in school, the society feels that something is not in order and that is why the parents at large keep on pushing the Ministry of Education to reopen the schools. As the parents keep on reminding the CS to reopen the schools, the CS reminded them that the dates for re-opening of the schools are bound to change depending on COVID…

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