Next Episode On Ringo: Oso and Everyone Mourns Death of Manuel

Brenda Oso

TweetShare461SharePin461 Shares Oso: Meeting again in Manuel’s office, Manuel gets a call from Diego who wants to know what Manuel is up to with the shareholder meeting he has called for the next day. Manuel wonders if Diego is nervous…but he goes ahead and tells him that they will take the presidency from him. When Diego reminds him that he has the shareholders behind him, Manuel counters that he is also a shareholder. Once they hang up, Diego makes some calls to make sure that the other shareholders are still…

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Next On Ringo: Julia Goes To See Rosa Who Is In Tears And Very Worried. After Julia Gives Her A Consoling Hug, Rosa Tells Her What Happened In The Ring.

Julia Goes To See Rosa Diego

TweetShare43SharePin43 Shares Santi runs after Ringo and sees him in a full-blown lock lip with Julia, he calls out to his father. Ringo asks him to say hello to Julia, but Santi runs back inside. Julia advises Ringo to go talk to Santi; so, Ringo goes back inside where he scolds Santi for being rude to Julia. When Santi tells him that he didn’t like seeing him kiss Julia, Ringo tells him that it is not his business and he and Julia know what they are doing. Santi doesn’t care;…

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On Ringo: Rosa Won’t be Able to Box Again

Rosa Ringo

TweetShare6SharePin6 Shares After Gloria leaves, Ringo tells Teresa that Turco kidnapped Gloria. She reminds Ringo that she wants Gloria out of there, but Ringo points out that Gloria hasn’t found a place yet. At the hospital, Rosa asks Guachin and Oso who they are. The doctor explains to Oso that sometimes after coming out of a coma, patients suffer post-traumatic amnesia. Meanwhile, Guachin talks to Rosa about herself, telling her she is a wonderful boxer! Rosa mulls that over then remembers that Guachin is her friend and Oso is her…

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