Why Kibochi’s Appointment Might be a Gimmick Curtail Hustler Presidency.


TweetShare34SharePin135 Shares After President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday Evening appointed General Robert Kariuki Kibochi as the Chief of Defence forces after the retirement of General Samson Jefwa Mwathethe, Kenyans have revealed past disclosure from patriots informing that it might be a ploy to curtail Second in Command William Ruto’s Presidency. But is this true? Back in 2016, popular Blogger Dikembe Disembe had hinted that the rise of Kibochi Kariuki through the ranks of Kenya Defence Forces(KDF) was an alarming matter that every Kenyan should view with an inner eye. Disembe asserted that…

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Full Profile of New Chief of Defence Force Robert Kariuki Kibochi Replacing Mwathethe.

Kariuki Kibochi

TweetShare69SharePin473 Shares Incoming Kenya’s Chief of Defence Forces General Robert Kariuki Kibochi (right), Kenya is set to have a new Chief of Defence Forces following the expiry of tenure of general Samson Mwathethe whose term has expired. President Uhuru Kenyatta the Commander in Chief of Kenya Defence Forces promoted Vice Chief of Defence Forces General Kariuki Kibochi to take over from Mwathethe on Thursday, April 30. Mwathethe served at the help from April 2015, but Kibochi, his immediate deputy was promoted to deputise the CDF in July 2018. Kariuki Kibochi…

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