Prof. Manyora Makes A U-Turn Now Says Ruto’s Jubilee Asili Is A Big Blow To Uhuru And Raila’s 2022 Ambitions.


TweetShare83SharePin83 Shares Political analyst Herman Manyora has said formation of Jubilee Asili can be a series blow to Raila- Uhuru handshake agenda and even 2022 political agenda. Manyora said that was a signal Deputy President William Ruto had started hitting back directly at President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga. In his latest observation, Manyora said the new political outfit, comprising of Ruto’s allies de whipped by the Jubilee Party, was capable of launching a serious assault on Uhuru and Raila and at the end, become popular than the handshake team.…

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