After BBI Prepare To Take One Meal; Why They Must Change The Constitution Before 2022


√ Kenyatta family is sure even if they bank in Raila, he won’t beat Ruto 2022. √ The system (cartels) that started controlling the state since the mzee Kenyatta regime, is the same controlling even now ~ They fear Ruto will come inn with the new system. √ Kenyatta family fears that the new system, will enforce the implementation of Ndungu’s report ,that will make them loose all their lands . √ Moi’s families fears that ndungu’s report, will make them loose Moi tea zone belonged to ( akwanja group)…

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11 Principles Of Politics That Every William Ruto Supporter Must Understand By Now.


In politics you must understand that;(1). Nobody has your interests. (2). Everybody is chasing their own interests. (3). Dealing with politicians is like sleeping with tigers; you must always have your eyes wide open. (4). In any Political equation, there’s always someone being used. If you can’t find one then it is you. (5). Serving Politicians is like being a bandage on a wound. Once the wound is healed your usefulness ends. Politicians don’t recognize and reward value they recognize their own needs and you are only as useful as…

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