Dr. King’ori NTV Wicked Edition Hosts the Final Show

Dr. King'ori NTV Wicked Edition

In the announcement, Dr. King’ori, the creator, producer, and writer of “The Wicked Edition,” revealed that Friday’s episode would mark the end of a remarkable 7-year journey on NTV that produced over 300 unforgettable episodes. With over 70 million views on YouTube, the show has become a cultural phenomenon and the longest-running satire show on … Read more

Top 8 Journalists Who Left Journalism for Government Jobs

Journalists Who Left Journalism

Political leaders often rely on journalists to head communication departments because of their expertise and experience in the field of media and communication. Journalists are trained to communicate effectively with different audiences. The skills they possess are invaluable in the world of politics, where effective communication is essential to building public support and shaping public … Read more