Daring Police Officer Who Once Slapped Former President Mzee Moi not Once But Twice.

Police Officer

TweetShare861SharePin861 SharesPolice Officer: For those lucky to have been tasted the era of former President the Late Mzee Daniel Moi, you would know the story of a man who was respected and highly feared due to his sometimes extreme way of handling issues. With such a man, to think that anyone would raise a finger at him, leave alone slapping him, is quite unfathomable and unbelievable. However, for one James Erastus Mungai, he can just be described as a man who was drunk with power, and who thought he could…

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Nandi Elders Hands Royal Rungu To William Ruto After 44 Years Under Daniel Moi’s Possession

Royal Rungu

TweetShareSharePin66 SharesHistory has repeated itself in Kalenjin land after 44 years. Deputy President Dr. William Ruto has been entrusted with The Key symbol of leadership in the community, the Royal rungu. After an 8-hours closed-door meeting which took place on Thursday night at Kapsisiywo, Chesumei Constituency in Nandi County, the rungu was handed over to William Ruto. In 1976, The late former president Daniel Moi was handed over the same Rungu by the elders from the Talai Clan. Among the Kalenjin, once honored with both Royal Rungu and Royal Regalia…

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Moi’s Sons Fights Over Father’s Wealth As Jonathan’s Widow Move To Court.

Moi's Sons Fights Over Father's Wealth As Jonathan's Widow Move To Court. 1

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesEven before the tears dry following the death of retired strongman Daniel Torotich arap Moi, a cold war that has been simmering under the surface for years has erupted in the family, pitting six children against the departed head of state’s favourite son Gideon Moi. Weekly Citizen has also established that the family of the late Jonathan Toroitich who was Moi’s second born, had at one time moved to court as the widows fought over his fortunes. They are also planning to move to court yet again, to claim…

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TweetShareSharePin0 Shares Article by Boniface Mwangi We live in a country where truth is mistaken for bitterness and hate. Where people are afraid to speak their minds. Moi was an evil man. He ruled Kenya with violence and brutality. He plundered our nation and destroyed it. It will take generations to redeem this country from the rot Moi left us with. During his tenure, critics of his regime were tortured and detained without trial. He left a virus in Kenya that still affects our politicians and eats the people to…

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Don’t Wear The following Clothes During Moi’s Burial.

Nairobi mini Bloggers

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesKenyans have been warned against wearing political party branded attires during the burial of the late former President Daniel arap Moi in Kabarak, Nakuru County on Wednesday. “This is not a political function, don’t come here with BBI t-shirts or any other,” Natembea said. According to Rift Valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya, if anyone feels they must wear political party clothing, then it must be branded KANU — Kenya’s oldest political party and which the late president Moi was affiliated to. Natembeya said preparations for the ceremony are complete…

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This Is Why Koigi Should Keep QUIET: Somebody Tell Koigi.


TweetShareSharePin0 SharesWe all know what happened during Moi’s Era. Before Moi left power, he asked for forgiveness from all those he wronged! He too forgave all those who wronged him! Koigi, we also know that Moi was a DICTATOR like you want us to believe. But he did so with a reason. But Koigi, you are the WORST dictator than Moi. You have a corrupt mind that does not exist in our African culture! READ https://www.nairobiminibloggers.com/kenyan-man-flogged-by-chinese-boss-narrates/ It’s our tradition to mourn the dead despite what they did or who they…

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What Dp Ruto Promised to Do After Mzee Moi Burial.


TweetShareSharePin0 SharesDeputy President William Ruto came out and revealed what he will do after the burial of Former President Daniel Moi. Ruto lauded Moi who passed away on Tuesday after a long spell of sickness. The DP disclosed that he would hold discussion over a particular matter after the funeral. During an interview with Citizen TV news anchor Wahiga Mwaura, Ruto was questioned over his relationship with the family. Wahiga, when posing the question, tactfully hinted on the association of the deputy president and Baringo Senator Gideon Moi. The journalist remarked that…

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Tuesday, Feb 11,2020 Declared Public Holiday in Honor of Mzee Moi.


TweetShareSharePin0 SharesInterior Ministry Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiang’ i has declared Tuesday, February 11, a public holiday. This is to enable Kenyans to participate in celebrating the life of the departed former head of state Daniel Arap Moi. The announcement was made on Thursday noon by the head of Public Service Joseph Kinyua. TweetShareSharePin0 Shares

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The Untold Story of Mama Lena Moi – Rtd. Daniel Moi Wife.

Mama Lena Moi

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesIn the 1960s and early 1970s, Lena Tungo Moi strode Kenya’s political scene with her visibility as the vice-president’s wife. Then in the middle of the 1970s, she faded away from the public arena never to be heard of again until her death in 2004. The collapse of her marriage in 1974 and divorce in 1979 was a bitter blow to the ardent Christian who had been raised under strict African Inland Church (AIC) doctrines. Lena’s parents, the Paul Bomett family, were pioneer Christians in Eldama Ravine. They respected…

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How Mzee Moi Murdered Dr. Robert Ouko.

Robert Ouko

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares Dr. Robert Ouko After the Washington trip. Ouko’s driver and security detail were withdrawn and his passport withheld, (it was handed to Christabel, his wife, 2 days after Ouko is confirmed dead). Moi then gave Dr. Ouko some days off, in which he decided to go to his Koru home. A few weeks before Ouko’s death, several changes were made. The D.O Muhoroni (where Dr. Ouko’s home was) was transferred. Kisumu also got a new D.C, Godfrey Mate. The OCPD, Emmanuel Mwachiti Chiti had been transferred to Kisumu…

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