I Noticed My Daughter Spends Longer Time In The Bathroom, See What I Caught Her Doing.


TweetShare169SharePin1170 Shares Bathroom DISCLAIMER The image used is for illustration purpose only My name is mummy Janet, that’s what most people call me, Janet is the only daughter I have, and I’ve vowed to make sure she becomes someone great in life, if not for anything but for the fact that she’s the only daughter I have. Thinking about my husband? I’m a widow, my husband died two years after our marriage, I love my husband so much, that after his death, I couldn’t give another man a chance in my…

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Daddy Inserts Something into my Mouth When you go to Work-3-year-old girl Sadly Tells Mother


TweetShare411SharePin411 Shares A three-year-old girl has demonstrated to her mother how her father put his magic stick into her mouth to play with it when the mother is not at home… The mother of the little child is a very busy businesswoman who goes to work early morning and returns home late in the night where her father on the other side leaves home late leaving him and the little naive child together with her father alone in the house. On Yesterday afternoon when she was having a good with…

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