Cadets in Kenya: The Future of the Kenya Defence Forces

Cadets in Kenya

A cadets in Kenya are military officer who is still in training. They are the most junior officers in the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF). Cadets undergo a rigorous training program at the Kenya Military Academy (KMA) in Lanet, Nakuru County. The training program lasts for two years and covers a wide range of subjects, including … Read more

Steps to Become Military Nurses

Military Nurse

Military nurses work at home and abroad to provide top-level care for members of the armed forces. Military nurses’ responsibilities vary depending on their focus and military branch. These healthcare professionals may offer assistance in various settings to fulfill critical needs in environments like far-away warzones and local military healthcare providers. If you’re looking to … Read more

11 Annoying Things About Salary Week

10 Ways To Make Any Girl Want You Badly

Hey there, fellow Kenyans and payday warriors! Gather ’round as we dive into the rollercoaster ride that is “Salary Week” in Kenya. You know that bittersweet feeling when you see those magical digits pop up in your bank account, signaling the arrival of your hard-earned cash. It’s like a breath of fresh air after holding … Read more

Top 10 Weakest Militaries In African Countries

Top 10 Weakest Militaries In African Countries

Discover which African countries have the ten weakest militaries based on statistics from this year. There are African countries with highly capable, well-trained, and modern armed forces. The African countries with the strongest militaries also happen to be some of the continent’s most well-liked and respected nations. However, there are a few African nations that … Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Helicopter Per Hour In Kenya?

Hire A Helicopter

As the majority of Kenyans hustle to eke a living with others in a rush to purchase different cars and motorbikes through loans, well-oiled Kenyans are acquiring and importing  the latest models of helicopters from European, Western, and Asian countries and most specifically from South Africa where political elites get options to either buy or … Read more

Subject Requirements To Become A Pilot In Kenya

Subject Requirements To Become A Pilot In Kenya

To become a pilot, the specific subject requirements may vary depending on the country and the type of pilot license you are pursuing (e.g., private pilot, commercial pilot, airline transport pilot). However, there are some common subjects that are typically included in pilot training and education. Here are the key subjects you should expect to … Read more

Commercial Pilots’ Salary In Kenya

Commercial Pilot Salary In Kenya

Commercial pilots in Kenya are in high demand due to the growing aviation industry in the country. Kenya is home to several major airlines, including Kenya Airways, which provides domestic and international flight services. In recent years, there has been an increased need for pilots to meet the expanding air travel requirements in the region. … Read more

Pilot Job Requirements, School, Fees, And Salary In Kenya

Pilot Job Requirements, School, Fees, And Salary In Kenya

Pilots are one of the best-paid professionals not only in Kenya but across the globe. Of the 12 biggest airports in Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport alone operates 39 airlines to and from 64 destinations. Therefore you can see the demand for pilots in Kenya being on the rise. The biggest national airline is Kenya … Read more