Maria Citizen TV: Other Person Killed By William Revealed, Find Out Who And How


TweetShareSharePin1616 SharesHave you been wondering who would be the other person that was killed by boss William together with Maria’s dad? Don’t worry you are not alone. I have also been wondering who might be the person but for now not anymore. Before I tell you who was the guy and how it came to be known, allow me to remind you something little concerning this matter. The story has been all over the ghetto and in the city that boss William had a deal with two people who discovered a treasure.…

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Next On Maria Citizen Tv Series: Get Out Of My House, You Are A Disgrace To My Life’

Next On Maria Citizen Tv Series

TweetShareSharePin1010 SharesMaria Citizen Tv Series; In this episode, we are going to talk about Brenda and Delilah. The episode starts as Brenda and Delilah are seen in the house relaxed but Delilah is seen angry with Brenda. Delilah can be heard asking Brenda why will enter the house straight without even knocking? But Brenda speaking in a soft voice asks her how will I know that you and Victor we’re here and by the way you never closed the door. So me I thought you were all alone and that’s why I just entered in…

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Maria Series Today: “This Is the Man Who Killed Your Father” Maria Discovers

Maria Series Today

TweetShareSharePin1313 SharesIn this episode, we are going to about Maria, William and Hausa family. The episode starts as Maria and Hausa family are seen in the house having a conversation. They are all seen happy as they share stories of the past and how life was just simple. Vanessa seems impressed so much asking her mother why she has not shared the stories before. Maria also can be heard telling them that he can’t forget how they used to swim in the river while younger. After sharing a lot, Maria tells them it’s time for lunch and…

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Citizen Tv Maria Series: This Is Maria’s Biological Father.

Maria's Biological Father

TweetShareSharePin55 SharesMaria’s Biological Father. Maria tv show is one of the most loved shows in Kenya at the moment. The show is aired on citizen tv from 07:30 pm from Monday to Friday and on Saturday at 04:30pm. The show has gained much popularity since it started towards the end of last year. Maria acts as the main character in the show and she has been rated highly after showing great skills in the show. Maria has been looking for her father when Sandra kidnapped her and manipulated her mind that William knows everything about her…

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Maria Citizen TV: See How Maria got In Trouble after visiting Boss Victor’s ‘Empire’.

Maria got Troubled after visiting Boss Victor

TweetShareSharePin1010 SharesMaria Citizen TV: Luwi and Vanessa will still be choking Brenda. Luwi will visit Brenda since she is the only one left in their team what she is planning to do but she will still insist on not knowing anything. Brenda will start narrating to them telling them she wishes they knew her side of the story and the pain of not knowing where she was born. She will say she doesn’t know her biological father. Brenda will say her mother usually treats her like a slave and threats her every time. Brenda will…

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Maria Tv Series: William Divorced Vicky After Discovering That She Was Involved In Victor’s Scandal.

William Divorced Vicky After Discovering That She Was Involved In Victor's Scandal.

TweetShareSharePin1313 SharesMaria’s tv show is one of the most loved and watched in Kenya which is aired on one of the local tv channels – citizen tv. The show has gained much popularity within a very short period of time since it started. It is largely watched by many people regardless of age and social class. Madam Vicky who acts as the mother to Luwi, Vanessa, and Victor and wife to William has had a difficult life with William a few days ago and the worst happened recently. Victor her son has done this unexpectedly by chasing them…

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Maria Tv Show: Do you Know Maria and Silas are Daniel’s Children

Maria's Biological Father.

TweetShareSharePin33 SharesMaria tv show is a show that is aired on one of the local tv channels- citizen Tv. In the show, there are many controversies and much infidelity in the families involved. Maria and Silas have been looking for their biological parents since when Sandra kidnapped Maria and manipulated his mind about her real parents. Naomi who Maria used to believe that she is her real mother, died and Rufina and father Ezekiel confessed that Naomi was just a mother who brought Maria up but was not her real…

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Maria TV Show: Finally Silas Wish Comes True After He Meets His Real Father Daniel.

Finally Silas Wish Comes True After He Meets His Real Father Daniel.

TweetShare2SharePin46 SharesSilas has been wishing to meet his real father for a long time now. Morris the man he lives with is not his real father but the closest figure to a father to him. He left Rufina to be with him. Maria was introduced to Daniel by a caring neighbor who wanted to help her by keeping her busy at work. Maria is employed at Daniel’s house as a helper to him as he manages his sickness. Sandra is Daniel’s friend but she refuses to introduce Silas to him.…

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Maria’s Monday Episode; Maria Meets Silas’ Dad, Vicky’s Secret is out.

Maria Meets Silas

TweetShare109SharePin1110 SharesThis episode begins with Maria on her way to look for the home she was told has a job. She gets there and find a soldier at the gate. She starts explaining how she got to know about the job and a lady will approach. She’ll introduce herself as Patricia. Maria will say she’s from the ghetto and was told she can be hired help at this place. She says she was sent to look for Patricia. The guard is asked to allow her in. Lona runs to Dogo and Mary…

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“Nipee Namba Ya Designer” – Maria of Citizen TV Leaves Tongues Wagging over Her Latest Photo.

Maria of Citizen TV

TweetShare332SharePin4336 SharesAt 20, Maria has proved that anyone can become a perfect actor or actress regardless of their age. What needs to be done is putting yourself into the shoes of the character you are playing and you are good to go Recently, the hilarious actor has been making headlines all over social media. Maria’s onset is a very different person from Maria born Yasmeen Said, away from the set. On-screen, she has frequently appeared as a ghetto girl who doesn’t really ‘dress to kill’ until she recently shocked fans…

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