Maria TV Show: Finally Silas Wish Comes True After He Meets His Real Father Daniel.

Finally Silas Wish Comes True After He Meets His Real Father Daniel.

TweetShareSharePin33 SharesSilas has been wishing to meet his real father for a long time now. Morris the man he lives with is not his real father but the closest figure to a father to him. He left Rufina to be with him. Maria was introduced to Daniel by a caring neighbor who wanted to help her by keeping her busy at work. Maria is employed at Daniel’s house as a helper to him as he manages his sickness. Sandra is Daniel’s friend but she refuses to introduce Silas to him.…

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Maria’s Monday Episode; Maria Meets Silas’ Dad, Vicky’s Secret is out.

Maria Meets Silas

TweetShare99SharePin99 SharesThis episode begins with Maria on her way to look for the home she was told has a job. She gets there and find a soldier at the gate. She starts explaining how she got to know about the job and a lady will approach. She’ll introduce herself as Patricia. Maria will say she’s from the ghetto and was told she can be hired help at this place. She says she was sent to look for Patricia. The guard is asked to allow her in. Lona runs to Dogo and Mary…

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“Nipee Namba Ya Designer” – Maria of Citizen TV Leaves Tongues Wagging over Her Latest Photo.

Maria of Citizen TV

TweetShare328SharePin3331 SharesAt 20, Maria has proved that anyone can become a perfect actor or actress regardless of their age. What needs to be done is putting yourself into the shoes of the character you are playing and you are good to go Recently, the hilarious actor has been making headlines all over social media. Maria’s onset is a very different person from Maria born Yasmeen Said, away from the set. On-screen, she has frequently appeared as a ghetto girl who doesn’t really ‘dress to kill’ until she recently shocked fans…

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Know About Citizen TV Maria Series Actors and Actress,

Citizen TV Maria Series

TweetShare299SharePin299 SharesMaria drama TV series became a sensation to many people all over the country since it’s the first episode. This is due to its well-skilled actors and actresses. They really know how to portray their characters while acting. However away from acting, these actors and actresses are people with ‘big names’ and other occupations. Let’s learn more about some of them. Beatrice Dorea (Magie) Magie in the series acts as the good girl trying to win over the ghetto handsome guy Silas. Her faked morals and behaviors have already…

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Maria Actor Luwi’s Business at Imenti House That Has Served MPs


TweetShareSharePin0 SharesOne striking character that hits you when you tune to Citizen TV‘s hit show, Maria, is the sharp-dressing of the show’s most sought-after boyfriend, Sir Luwi Hausa, (played by Brian Ogana). The impeccable suits might be provided for by the show’s styling department but, as learned in an exclusive interview with the star, the style comes from Ogana’s love for garments. Perched on Imenti House in Nairobi is an apparel business that the star launched in 2015 which has served influential people including Members of Parliament and highly acclaimed musicians. Maria Tv Show Actors…

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