Top 10 Kenyan Who Own Most Expensive Mansions

Kenyan Who Own Most Expensive Mansions

TweetShareSharePin2525 Shares Most expensive mansions in Kenya are owned by politicians. Few celebrities own expensive as evidenced below; 1.Raila Odinga. Raila Odinga’s residential palace made headlines back in 2014 after revelations that it cost a whooping Ksh 1 billion. Mr. Odinga’s house is situated in Riat and offers the former Prime Minister a nearly aerial view of Kisumu City. The house is quite big and often referred to as Raila’s statehouse. The house has 10 bedrooms, 4 expansive kitchens, 2 conference rooms and several offices. Moreover, the residential home is…

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Top 20 Most Beautiful Houses(Mansions) In Kenya and Their Owners.


TweetShare31SharePin3061 Shares Magnolia Hills Estate, Kitisuru The dream of most Kenyans is to own a home and avoid the monthly reminders, if not threats, from a stubborn landlord. While others have average houses, there are those who live in palatial homes that exude class and money. The houses are worth millions of Kenyan Shillings and are situated in acres of rich land. This article takes you through some of the owners of some of the most expensive houses in Kenya. The photos are from their social media pages in reference…

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