SC AhmedNasir Direct Jibe At Professor Makau Mutua After Sifuna’s Careless Utterances


TweetShareSharePin11 Shares ODM party Secretary General Edwin Sifuna has joined the list of leaders who need to think before they speak. This after the vocal ODM SG made remarks that have caused public uproar the whole day with many leaders across the political divide bashing Sifuna for showing disrespect towards women. The Secretary-General used explicit words towards Malindi Member of Parliament Aisha Jumwa public. Some of the leaders who have shamed Sifuna include Makueni Governor professor Kibutha Kimwana, LSK President Nelson Havi, and lawyer AhmedNasir Abdullahi. SC AhmedNasir has taken a dig at professor Makau Mutua who is a…

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Lawyer Ahmednasir’s Tweet About DP Ruto, Raila Odinga, And His Political Status Sparks Reactions.

Lawyer Ahmednasir

TweetShare269SharePin269 Shares Uhuru his Lawyer Ahmednasir on Twitter has said that he has plans at the county level, North Eastern regional level, and Nationality but for now his choice for Presidential candidate come 2022 is William Ruto. He continued by saying that the race is between two horses,Ruto and Raila Odinga according to him the rest are donkeys. This is what he posted on twitter, “I have plans at the county level, northeastern regional level and nationally but for now, I WANT TO STATE CATEGORICALLY THAT MY CHOICE FOR PRESIDENTIAL…

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Atwoli threatens to expose lawyer Ahmednasir after JKL Illitrate demeaning comment


TweetShare38SharePin139 Shares The flamboyant trade unionist and Cotu boss Dr. Francis Atwoli has responded to city lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi. The city lawyer had said that Atwoli is barely literate while speaking to Jeff Koinange on JKL Atwoli said Abdullahi boasts about his wealth by claiming that it was legitimately acquired, whereas he (Atwoli) knows that the city lawyer [allegedly] got his riches through dishonest means. “Ahmednasir should know people,” said Atwoli. “Soon, you will hear more from me about how he acquired his wealth. I would put on the table…

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