This Is Why Koigi Should Keep QUIET: Somebody Tell Koigi.


TweetShareSharePin0 Shares We all know what happened during Moi’s Era. Before Moi left power, he asked for forgiveness from all those he wronged! He too forgave all those who wronged him! Koigi, we also know that Moi was a DICTATOR like you want us to believe. But he did so with a reason. But Koigi, you are the WORST dictator than Moi. You have a corrupt mind that does not exist in our African culture! READ It’s our tradition to mourn the dead despite what they did or who…

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Koigi Wamwere Explains Why Daniel Arap Moi Should Go To Hell.


TweetShareSharePin0 Shares Mr Wamwere said he regrets that Mzee Moi died without owning up to his misdeeds during his 24-year rule. He said that Mr. Moi should have asked for forgiveness over the many errors of omission and commission during his 24-year reign. “He has passed away without fulfilling a very serious responsibility to tell the nation he is sorry for what he did during his tenure,” Mr. Wamwere said. He said the former president should have asked for forgiveness from those he had wronged. He said he shaved his…

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