Top 25 Most Affordable Poultry House Designs 2021.

Poultry House Designs

TweetShareSharePin6767 Shares Poultry business involves rearing chickens among other types of poultry for the sole purpose of harnessing meat, eggs or both of them. It is very important to consider laying down an initial plan on how your chickens will be staying. That is to mean a poultry house. For maximum production from your poultry, you are advised to build a good poultry house that will provide shelter for your chickens. These houses are so important they will protect your chickens from extreme weather conditions, theft, predators and diseases. A…

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‘Kienyeji’ Chicken Farming Business In Kenya 2020.

'Kienyeji' Chicken

TweetShare74SharePin175 Shares ‘Kienyeji’ Chicken farming has become one of the best alternatives to white-collar jobs in Kenya, with many youths opting to start the business than wait to knock a thousand offices for employment. This article focuses on chicken rearing and profits generated from the industry. It all starts when you have a simple idea of only keeping a single chicken which you got as a present from your grandmother. After 12 months, you realize that it has grown so big and the surrounding is in need of one, you…

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