10 Expensive Properties and Companies Allegedly Owned by Uhuru Kenyatta and Family.

Properties and Companies Allegedly Owned by Uhuru Kenyatta

TweetShare359SharePin359 Shares Being the Current sitting president and the son of the founding father of the nation, Uhuru Kenyatta is, by all means, a very rich man. He swims in a pool of vast wealth ranging from multi-billion companies and industries to countless houses and properties. Take a look. 1.Peponi group of Schools. This is the school were school fees ranges around 600,000 per term for a single student. The Kenyatta family owns the schools. 2.Brookside Dairy Company. This diary company is one of the most successful as far as…

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Why Kenyans Need To Free Themselves From The Kenyatta’s:


TweetShare54SharePin54 Shares The CIA started collecting info on the Kenyatta’s in the early 1970s. The reports also mention involvement in the illegal charcoal business as well as the holding of an export license for 1,250 baby elephant tusks to Margaret Kenyatta (then Mayor of Nairobi) At the time, the Game Dept (now KWS) was involved in the slaughter of elephants. In 1973 and 1974, according to The Sunday Times, the Game Department “expended heavy ammunition at such a rate that it was forced to scour the Nairobi gunsmiths for fresh…

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How Uhuru Kenyatta Family Have Been Fighting Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko Secretly For a Multi-Billion Projects.

Kenyatta Family

TweetShare693SharePin693 Shares The intrigues that led to the formation of the Nairobi Metropolitan Services to run the capital’s crucial functions of health, transport, public works and planning whose budgets run into billions of shillings can finally be revealed. At the helm of the NMS is Major General Mohamed Badi of the Kenya Air Force who reportedly was Uhuru Kenyatta’s schoolmate at the prestigious St Mary’s School. His appointment came as the president turns to military and National Intelligence Service officers to run key departments that have for long been held…

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