Wife Stabs Husband To Death in a Fight over Ugali -Ikoli village Kakamega County.

Wife Stabs Husband To Death in a Fight over Ugali In Ikoli village

TweetShareSharePin77 Shares After stabbing her husband to death, the 26-year-old woman also stabbed herself in the stomach Residents of a village in Ikoli village in Kakamega County are reeling in shock after a woman allegedly stabbed her husband to death in an argument over ugali. Brian Indumuli is reported to have been attacked by his wife who was armed with a kitchen knife during the altercation on Saturday. According to the deceased’s father, Mr John Indumuli, Brian’s wife served the deceased with a plate of ugali which accidentally tipped over…

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A Woman In Kakamega Burns Her Eight-Year-Old Son For ‘Eating Two Chapatis Without Her Permission’.


TweetShareSharePin11 Shares The resident of Kakamega county, in Poli, matete in Lugari were shocked by the incident that happens yesterday whereby Police in Kakamega have arrested a 38-year-old woman accused of burning her 8-year-old son’s hands-on Thursday, August 6. According to our source, The Woman is reported to have doused her son’s hands in paraffin, wrapped weave hair around the boy’s fists, and set it ablaze using a lit cigarette. it is said that the boy ate without seeking permission, ate two chapatis she had prepared Thursday afternoon. It is…

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