‘You Are Part of Jubilee Failures’, Stop Blaming Ruto! Kenyans Hit Back at Raila Odinga

You Are Part of Jubilee Failures

TweetShareSharePin99 Shares Hours after trying to sanitize himself by laying the blame on Deputy President William Ruto over Jubilee failures in administration, Kenyans have come out to tell off ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga, saying he has largely contributed to Jubilee failures. This was after Raila while meeting a section of coastal region leaders over the weekend to popularize BBI politics, said the DP, who has been in Jubilee for over eight years now, should not blame him over the failures Jubilee party has brought this country. According to Raila, who was speaking at Wildwaters Resort in…

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Aden Duale Talks About Leaving Jubilee, Alleges Reasons Behind his Decision.

Aden Duale

TweetShareSharePin22 Shares Former National Assembly majority leader Aden Duale has finally broken his silence on his future with the Jubilee party, days after the DP Ruto’s United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party was established. The deputy president William Ruto ally has burst out where he has alleged that he has no plans of leaving the Jubilee ruling party any time soon to another party. According to the Daily Nation reports, Mr. Aden Duale has alleged that he said he has shares in the party and thus cannot leave just like that. In addition, he added that his political kingpin, deputy president…

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DP Ruto’s Jubilee Track Record Angers Kenyans as They ‘Expose’ What He Has Been Doing.

Jubilee Track Record Angers Kenyans

TweetShareSharePin11 Shares Deputy President William Ruto’s attempt to defend the Jubilee Track Record failed as Kenyans launched a scathing attack towards him. This is after Ruto mentioned what the Jubilee government has achieved during its first term in office saying that in the second term, their work has been affected by politics of the handshake and the BBI. Kenyans however dismissed Ruto’s-Jubilee Track Record telling him that the second term the jubilee government failed to deliver because he, Ruto, has failed in his duties. Kenyans told the DP that he has been campaigning for 2022 elections…

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Former Kiambu Governor Waititu Officially Decamps Uhuru’s Ship To Join This Powerful Party

Waititu Officially Decamps Uhuru's Ship

TweetShareSharePin22 Shares With less than two years remaining before the 2022 general elections, politicians from different regions have been running up and down to try and find amicable solutions to their deteriorating political careers. Politically active individuals and those who are inactive have been moving around to try and cement their 2022 Chances.  The movements have involved the shifting of political parties with members joining new parties and alliances to boost their chances ahead of the 2022 polls.  One man who has now officially moved parties is former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand…

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Blow To DP Ruto’s Camp As Jubilee Party Is Anticipated To Axe Another Vocal Leader.

Jubilee Party MCA Anne Thumbi

TweetShareSharePin66 Shares The political temperature in the country is visibly on the rise. This is all ahead of the 2022 race to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta whereby both leaders of opposition Raila Odinga and Deputy President William Ruto are expected to lock horns. All seemed decided not until the Uhuru-Raila political handshake that saw President Uhuru kick his two-term deputy out of the bus. Deputy President William Ruto has thus been forced to face major political tribulations all against his dream to become the next president This seems not only to face Deputy President William Ruto…

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The Statement Issued By Raphael Tuju Has No Legal Basis And Was Pure Politics Of Ego.

Raphael Tuju

TweetShare211SharePin211 Shares Last week, Jubilee party Secretary General Raphael Tuju disclosed plans to remove the deputy president William Ruto from his deputy party leader position. A new revelation by The Star on Monday has revealed that Raphael Tuju’s plan was just talk of the mouth and lacks no legal basis hence sending Tuju to a tight corner. According to lawyer Jason Ondabu, Raphael Tuju is occupying that office [secretary general] and even the Cabinet slot courtesy of the President and the Deputy President and hence great insubordination on the deputy…

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‘We are going Nowhere – Jubilee is our Party too!’ DP Ruto Troops say After Pangani Meeting.

Jubilee Ruto

TweetShare198SharePin4202 Shares Ruto-allied legislators have issued a statement shortly after leaving a closed-door meeting at the Jubilee Headquarters in Pangani. Thirty-two members of the National Assembly and the Senate attended the Thursday afternoon meeting. Led by Meru Senator Mithika Linturi, the Ruto camp dismissed claims that they has staged a coup, saying Jubilee is also their party. “There was no coup. Unaweza aje fanya coup kwa nyumba yako, chama cha Jubilee ni chama chetu, hakuna mapinduzi, we have every reason to consult on matters affecting our nation,” Senator Linturi said.…

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Jubilee PG Transcript: This Is What Happened Inside KICC During Jubilee PG Meeting.


TweetShare141SharePin1142 Shares Jubilee Party SG Tuju starts the meeting… Tuju: We appreciate DP Ruto attending and joining us. He has been waiting for us to start for the last 30 minutes at the waiting room. The President is NOT coming here. But he will shortly be joining us via Zoom. But as you know State House is just here he may just decide to come. For now we will continue. …we will focus on this screen. This is where he will join us from. ( Just then the Presidential Chair…

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Luos Are Not Celebrating What’s Happening in Jubilee Party, They Saw it Again.


TweetShare233SharePin233 Shares By Bobby Bobants PAIN OF THE LUO NATION. They have seen it in politics; pain, regrets, disappointments, marginalization, etc. Anyone relating consequences of Ruto’s mistakes in Jubilee’s party with the word “betrayal” is being parochial. The Luo nation knows the deeper political meaning of “betrayal”. The scenario Ruto finds himself in does not qualify as a betrayal. Its punishment for insubordination and extreme ambitions. The pain.. Kisumu massacre of ethnic Luos by security forces loyal to Jomo Kenyatta in 1969. Jaramogi had resigned as Vice President due to…

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List of The likely Beneficiaries of the Jubilee Party Purge at The Senate.

Jubilee Party

TweetShareSharePin22 Shares Section 37(1) of the Elections Acts allows IEBC to re-allocate a seat belonging to an expelled Member of Parliament or County Assemblies to the next person of the same gender on the party list. If there are no more candidates on the list, Section 37(2) allows the party to nominate another candidate within 21 days of the declaration of the vacancy. During elections, Political Parties give the IEBC their Party Lists with the nominees being listed in order of preference. After the elections, depending on the number of…

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