Former Kiambu Governor Kabogo Schools Orengo on Live TV For Claiming that Waiguru’s Head is Wanted by ‘Some People’


TweetShare39SharePin39 SharesThe unprecedented impeachment of Kirinyaga’s governor Ann Waiguru has raised a new political turmoil in the country as the battle against corruption appears to be blurred by political supremacy. About one and a half weeks ago, Kirinyaga MCAs voted to send Waiguru packing as they accused her of misappropriation taxpayers money, anomalous issuance of tenders, gross misconduct among other accusations. The governor however protested against the impeachment in the High court citing it to be against the court order which had barred the MCAs from getting involved in such…

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James Orengo Lectures Lawyer Donald Kipkorir on Human Bill of Right After the Likoni Ferry Chaos.

James Orengo

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesAfter a video surfaced online on how the GSU police gave a beat down to the Likoni Ferry residents who were try to beat the curfew hours, it has caused mixed reactions Kenyans from all over the country. Why beat innocent Kenyan who could not stay at home with their hungry children in the house? The ignorant lawyer Donald B Kipkorir stated, “Kenyans were given sufficient notice about the curfew. When curfew is declared, normal laws don’t apply. Did Kenyans expect the police to greet them with flowers after…

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DP Ruto Respond on James Orengo Accusation ” Am Clean…”

Nairobi mini Bloggers

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesDeputy President William Ruto has come clean on allegations of his involvement in the controversial Ksh40 billion scam as alleged by Siaya Senator James Orengo on Saturday, February 16. In a post on his social media pages on Sunday, February 15, the Deputy President dismissed the claims of his involvement in attempts to fleece a military equipment supply firm, Eco Advanced Technologies LLC, of Ksh40 billion. The DP insisted that his office plays no role in procurement for any government department or ministry and thus found it strange that he was being dragged…

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