Radio Comedian and Mediamax, Milele FM presenter Felix Odiwuor aka Jalang’o Fired.


TweetShare340SharePin340 Shares Radio comedian and Milele FM presenter Felix Odiwuor aka Jalang’o has announced his departure from the radio station. In a post, Jalang’o explained that after failing to reach an agreement with the Mediamax management on terms of service and that is why he will no longer be working there. He went on to say that Friday was his last day at Milele FM as he appreciated the fans who tuned in to listen to him every morning. Jalang’o co-hosted Milele Breakfast with Alex Mwakideu. Today has been a…

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“Abenny Jachiga are Such Luos the Likes of Jalango and his boysclub. Umalaya! umalaya!” Kenyans Destroy Musician Over the Poor State of his Rural House.

Abenny Jachiga

TweetShare42SharePin42 Shares It is now 2 days after the death of Ohangla artist Abenny Jachiga who was one of the most celebrated Luo artists in Kenya. However, there has been chaos in his rural home in the past 24 hours between the authorities and his fans who have been demanding a decent send-off for Jachiga. The police were forced to bury the body of him were late at night to avoid chaos from the angry crowd who have been making the process to be difficult. In the midst of all…

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