Mutahi Ngunyi: ‘Uhuru Does Not Need GEMA to Make Raila President, He Needs half of AKORINO women ONLY’

Uhuru Does Not Need GEMA

TweetShare75SharePin277 SharesPlease GEMA Hustlers, get this straight: Muthamaki UHURU DOES NOT NEED YOU. Uhuru just needs 6% of GEMA Elites (Kieleweke Leaders) TO MAKE RAILA PRESIDENT, you can go to hell! To Nyamakima Traders who have held numerous protests crying for President’s help, give President Uhuru a break, he does NOT need you. Gikomba traders whose Mitumba exports have been banned and are out of business, you can go hung, Uhuru does NOT need you. Gikomba Stall Owners whose markets have been burned and grabbed by someone close Muthamaki and…

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