6 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Will Never Post Your Photo on Her WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp Status

TweetShareSharePin33 Shares Most guys always feel like they have been left out of a relationship especially when they see their partners posting random WhatsApp Status photos of how they spent the day, photos with their other girlfriends, or even a recent ex. Before you make wrong conclusions about your girl, it is probably good to enquire from them but here are some reasons why she might be doing so. 1) She prefers a private relationship. She really does not have to post you on her WhatsApp Status, because that’s not particularly her…

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Why People Are Migrating From Whatsapp To Signal

From Whatsapp To Signal

TweetShareSharePin44 Shares Signal and Telegram seem to be the apps people are leaving Whatsapp for Signal . Some great security and privacy concerns have arisen this past week with Whatsapp, the messaging app. This is after the app announced major mandatory usage changes. Have you seen this message on your app? The move has caused criticism on social networks with people condemning how the messaging app captures information or data from users. The new terms state that Whatsapp will have the permission to receive and gather information from your cellular…

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