“Eko Dydda paid us Ksh10,000 and insisted on a receipt. Now he will pay the government Ksh28,000. Police Officer Who Arrested Him.

The OCS came and ordered his officers to take Eko Dydda to “that place.” I didn’t know where “that place” was but, later in the day, Eko called and informed me that he had been taken to the quarantine center at KMTC

TweetShare6SharePin6 Shares My name is Sylvia Dydda. I have been unwell since January. I have high blood pressure and a high heart pulse that has led to facial palsy and other complications that have affected my mobility. I am not able to walk properly. I am taking BP meds and neuro care for the nerves. On Saturday, my medicines ran out and my husband, Eko Dydda, father to our two amazing kids decided to go buy them. He went to a pharmacy near our neighborhood, in the late afternoon, but…

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