Trump Deports Many Africans To Nairobi At Night After Chaining Them

Trump Deports Many Africans

TweetShareSharePin55 Shares Donald Trump‘s four-year reign at the white is finally set to come to an end in the next few days. During his time, it’s no longer a secret that many Africans in America have had a rough time living there.  The self-declared people’s President was accused of biased and inhuman policies against the Africans who were living in the USA. Several people have since been deported after they tried to seek asylum from their war threatened countries. Barely a week to his official exit, Trump has reportedly sanctioned…

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Trump’s ‘I Conceded NOTHING” Tweet That Has Forced Powerful American Leaders to Speak.


TweetShareSharePin22 Shares The American people decided on the choice of the leader they want, by electing Joe Biden as their president-elect they exercised their democratic rights. In America democracy is Paramount and everybody needs to respect the results of elections which was conducted fairly The 45th president of the USA DonaldTrump is not one who believes in way defeat. He has been on Twitter airing his mind and his current move has shocked many. Despite his earlier threats and sudden going low, Trump has resurfaced with new claims on his Twitter account, when he tweeted…

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USA Elections 2020; The Meaning of US Electoral College.

The Meaning of US Electoral College

TweetShareSharePin66 Shares If you’re still wondering what exactly the US Electoral College is, then let me pen this down to help you understand.An Electoral College (EC) is the group of people that elect the United States President and Vice President. When Americans go to the polls, they’re not directly voting for the candidates, but for ‘electors’. In 1787 the Founding Fathers of America created it as an alternative to the popular vote. In part to ensure smaller states had a say, but also to appease southern slaveholding states who wanted…

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‘We are not political’ Why President Trump Will Ban TikTok Chinese Social App From The US.


TweetShare169SharePin3172 Shares President Donald Trump has said he will bar fast-growing social media app TikTok from the United States as US authorities raise concerns the service could be a tool for Chinese intelligence. US officials and legislators in recent weeks have voiced fears of the wildly popular video platform being used by Beijing for nefarious purposes, but the company has denied any links to the Chinese government. Media reports earlier on Friday said Trump would require the US operations of the app be divested from its Chinese parent firm ByteDance,…

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‘I’m Proud Of Being Black And I Don’t ‘ – WHO Boss Replies Racist Donald Trump.

Donald Trump.

TweetShare363SharePin7370 Shares Ethiopian national Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Director-General of the World Health Organization has sent a strong warning to world leaders not to politicize the COVID-19 and its spread. Earlier, President Donald Trump has said he will stop financing the work of the WHO stating that the organization has been shambolic in dealing with the Coronavirus. On Wednesday, through a press briefing, Dr. Tedros replied to Donald Trump and spoke on other critical issues. “At the end of the day, the people belong to all political parties. The…

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