Top 7 Worst Paying Jobs In Kenya 2020.

Worst Paying Jobs in Kenya.

TweetShare4SharePin59 Shares Getting a high-paying job is usually the top priority for everyone and that is why we see many Kenyan students aspiring for diplomas and degrees in marketable courses. However as poor circumstances are meant to surface, Kenya still has a number of worst-paying jobs and many of the professionals in these jobs claim they get peanuts in return for their vigorous efforts. A good instance is the protest staged by Kenyan teachers demanding that the government should increase their salaries. WORST PAYING JOBS IN KENYA In reality, it…

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5 of the Most Dangerous Jobs in Kenya

Dangerous Jobs in Kenya

TweetShare22SharePin123 Shares Being jobless in Kenya can make your life bleak and void. Many have referred to joblessness as a corrosive state that leaves one confused and stressed. However, earning a living could cost you your life for the jobs listed below. 1. Roofers We certainly like how the roofing of our houses blend seamlessly to the color of the walls and the rest of the decor. However, what we many don’t know is that it takes courage and determination to have the roof sit atop the splendid structure. Relevant…

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