Meet Governor Anne Waiguru ‘s Daughter, Money Expert

Meet Governor Anne Waiguru 's Daughter Who Is a Money Expert

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru and her husband Kamotho Waiganjo have created their niche as a formidable couple of politicians and constitutional lawyers respectively.  Their daughter, Nailantei Kamotho, is creating her name as one of Kenya’s upcoming financial gurus – advising Kenyans on wealth management and responsible finance habits.  Nailantei, born from Kamotho’s previous marriage, is a … Read more

Anne Waiguru Biography Husband, Sons, Education, And Political Career

Anne Waiguru Biography

Anne Waiguru is a well-known Kenyan politician serving as Kirinyaga’s Governor. Being one of the three Women governors in Kenya Waiguru has gained political millage in such a short period.  The young-looking governor once served as Minister for devolution before joining politics. Waiguru has only served for one term and she is ready and steady … Read more

Meet Tony Waiguru, Ann Waiguru’s First Husband

Meet Tonny Waiguru

Governor Anne Waiguru is one of the most famous female politicians in Kenya. However not much is talked about her family and marriage. Despite this Waiguru is known to have been in two different marriages. Previously, before her current relationship Anne Waiguru was married to Tony Waiguru.  According to The Standard, Tony and Anne Waiguru first … Read more