Next On Ringo: When Alejo Says Brenda Is Affected By Manuel’s Death, Eva Doesn’t Believe, Brenda Never Liked Her Father

Manuel Brenda

TweetShare161SharePin161 Shares Everyone attends Manuel’s wake (apparently no autopsy!) since he was so well-loved by everyone. There, Alejo and Brenda meet and talk. Brenda comments that she didn’t always treat Manuel well, but she loved him. Alejo starts by suggesting that she reconcile with her sister and join her in defending their heritage together. Alejo then outlines everything that has happened and how Brenda has reacted impulsively and without thinking of anyone else but herself. After he tells her that Diego stole from her father and that he is suspected…

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Next On Ringo: Alejo Cries That Manuel Shouldn’t Have Died, Manuel Was Like A Father To Him


TweetShare253SharePin253 Shares Ringo and Alejo find Manuel in their apartment but he doesn’t respond. Alejo approaches and shakes Manuel trying to wake him up while Ringo calls for an ambulance. Max arrives at the police station; so Guachin explains what happened. Meanwhile, at the club, Guevara rants to Susana about how disappointed he is of Guachin. When he tells her what happened, Susan defends Guachin who is a good person and incapable of what Guevara is accusing him of…Guachin has proof that his father left him the money he has.…

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Next On Ringo: Alejo Managed To Take Brenda Out Of Jail, Brenda Yells That She Is Not Going To Forgive Him For Leaving Her In Jail So Long.

Julia Goes To Diego

TweetShare177SharePin177 Shares Oso is having a pity party and tells Rafa that he lost Rosa forever. Rosa thinks he doesn’t trust her, that he has kept things from her and that he is a liar. When Oso tells Rafa that Rosa is now with Carrizo, Rafa wonders if Oso is going to give up that easily. Oso has to accept that all has ended. It is Rosa’s decision he must accept it. Oso thinks that he is destined to be alone and he won’t play music anymore. Alejo managed to…

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Next On Ringo: The Doctor Says That Brenda Was Never Pregnant! Brenda Calls Him A Liar.

Brenda Alejo, Diego

TweetShare22SharePin22 Shares Brenda: Everyone praises Rafa since what is important is that he showed that he has what it takes to be a boxer…he may even turn out to be better than Oso. At Turco’s house, Rosa is with Celia and Carrizo. When she asks about Rocio, Carrizo tells her that she went on vacation with her grandmother. Carrizo then suggests that they have dinner. Alejo enters the club and listens as Oso gives a very sincere speech. He was not able to be with Rafa during the first yeas…

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