“NO elections 2022?” Oburu Odinga Remarks That CAUSED Mixed Reactions

Oburu Odinga

TweetShareSharePin55 SharesToday, Oburu Odinga, a brother to Raila Odinga took to his Facebook page and claimed that there might be no elections in 2022. He continued to say that Raila Odinga was sworn in 2017 as people’s president but handing over since the illegitimate one (Uhuru Kenyatta) was in power. He also said that Raila Odinga will take over with no elections held. What if NO elections 2022? The Deep State of Kenya is not someone’s agemate. There might be no Presidential election next year because in 2017, a people’s President was sworn…

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DP Ruto forms ‘War Council’ for 2022, Here are the 20 Names on the List


TweetShareSharePin0 SharesDeputy President William Ruto has formed a ‘war council’ that will spearhead his 2022 elections campaign against the so-called political dynasties. William Ruto’s silence in the political scene has got his opponents guessing and talking about his next possible political move. With President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga crafting a new political pathway ahead of 2022 elections, Deputy President William Ruto is not sleeping at all. The Deputy President William Ruto has crafted a team of advisers and strategists who have previously worked with President Uhuru Kenyatta and former…

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After BBI Prepare To Take One Meal; Why They Must Change The Constitution Before 2022


TweetShare106SharePin106 Shares√ Kenyatta family is sure even if they bank in Raila, he won’t beat Ruto 2022. √ The system (cartels) that started controlling the state since the mzee Kenyatta regime, is the same controlling even now ~ They fear Ruto will come inn with the new system. √ Kenyatta family fears that the new system, will enforce the implementation of Ndungu’s report ,that will make them loose all their lands . √ Moi’s families fears that ndungu’s report, will make them loose Moi tea zone belonged to ( akwanja…

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Raila Odinga’s Masterpiece To Succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta In 2022

Raila’s Masterpiece To

TweetShare282SharePin7289 SharesIn what is sending vibrations across the political divide, Raila Odinga has started executing a plot that he calculates will culminate in him succeeding Uhuru Kenyatta in 2022. In the elaborate vote-hunting strategy, Raila is locking in ODM’s traditional support bases as he penetrates Jubilee party strongholds in readiness for the polls. Raila, according to sources, is playing politics of rebranding by maintaining what his insiders term as loyalty and dropping political hang-about who, they say, join him during election years and desert him at the hour of need…

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I May Not Vie For Presidency in 2022, – DP Ruto


TweetShareSharePin0 Shares“There has been a lot of propaganda in the Press. Those behind it are worried that I will vie for the presidency. Let it be known that I may decide not to vie. There is no need for all this drama. Sometimes I think if I was to remain in Sugoi looking after my chicken, I would not be dragged into the politics of cheap propaganda. An elephant is never tired of its tusk. I will carry mine and it won’t tire me. In 2022 there will be elections…

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Why Nothing you can accuse DP Ruto of That you can’t Accuse President Uhuru of the Same.


I will always remember when Jubilee was launching the 2017 elections campaign and President Uhuru had nothing to say when asked about the 2013 elections.

Ruto took the mic from Uhuru and shocked everyone with that stadium thing, saving the day. Jubilee got to power because of Ruto’s commitment, chicanery, and total involvement.

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