Tabitha Highlights Landmark Achievements In Kenyan Football

Tabitha Highlights Landmark Achievements In Kenyan Football 1

Kenyan women footballers are now being involved in the decision making process unlike in the past when they were expected to sit back and wait for men to take the lead.

Former FIFA Referee Tabitha Njoroge says the current Football Kenya Federation (FKF) leadership under Nick Mwendwa has gone a step further than the previous administrations to empower women and promote their game.

“We appreciate the Federation for giving us a voice to manage our football as women hence we achieve more unlike when we were placed at the sidelines,” said Tabitha Njoroge.

Tabitha says that the decision to empower women has paved their path to success as witnessed in recent years. Starlets made the country proud after winning the 2019 CECAFA Women Championships in Tanzania for the first time ever.

She says Mwendwa deserves a pat on the back for being readily available to those seeking to engage him.

“I think we have the best president because we at least have someone we cannot talk to. If you were to call him, he’d not hesitate to pick the phone and talk to you,” she says.

She further says that the current regime has made it easier for the referees to take part in the Physical Endurance Tests after waiving the ksh.3000 fee charge.

“The current regime has also improved the state of referees,” said Tabitha.

Tabitha also underscored the national men’s soccer team impressive achievements in the recent years, terming it as a big plus for the existing federation.

For the first time in 15 years, Harambee Stars made a grand return to the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations.

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