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Ruto To Think He Can Use betrayal to whip up the Sympathy Vote is a Misinformed Strategy.

Sympathy Vote is a Misinformed Strategy.

Oginga Odinga refused to ascend to the presidency until Kenyatta was released, only for him to have to resign from the government a few years later after Kenyatta had assumed power.

Charles Njonjo, the Duke of Kabeteshire, a close ally and fervent believer and defender of President Moi suffered the fate of betrayal and was gradually thrown out, not to ever seek sympathy or insult his appointing authority.

George Saitoti, the longest-serving vice president of the Republic of Kenya, after years of faithful service to President Moi, he was betrayed in the last 3 months. He never sought sympathy.

Raila Odinga made Kibaki president by his famous declaration of “Kibaki tosha” a phrase that political analysts and historians agree became the biting bullet. Two years down the road, I believe it is still fresh in our minds exactly what happened.

In the case of Deputy President William Ruto, you betrayed the president, portrayed him as a lame duck, went ahead and tried to make inroads in his back yard, who betrayed who here?

The truth is there was betrayal, the fact is, Ruto betrayed Uhuru first. It is time the head asserted his authority and reclaimed what he made you believe you had a stake in.

The bottom line is this when those betrayals happened, the victims moved from the government to form a formidable opposition. It is now such a time to do the honorable thing and resign.

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