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More Building to Be Brought Down By Governor Mike Sonko.

Mike Sonko: Jamani hii Nairobi yetu iko na mambo mingi sana alafu ukistamp authority kudismantle hii upuzi unaambiwa unafuta watu ovyo ovyo.  Imagine 3 months ago residents of south c complained that an influential grabber grabbed a children’s playground and part of the olive road a public road within south c.

The grabber erected a perimeter wall blocking the phase two tarmacking of this important road. The County had completed the tarmacking of phase one.

All the concerned County senior officers including myself went to the ground with all relevant documents in our possession including the survey plans and we indeed confirmed that the grabber a former commissioner of lands had grabbed these public utilities.

The perimeter wall was demolished and the road contractor was allowed to proceed with the construction of phase two. The road works continued.

Today we were shocked to learn that the same grabber acquired approvals for the reconstruction of the same perimeter wall from a senior County officer during the holiday.  We shall not tolerate impunity of any kind.

The perimeter wall must go down, the road tarmacking must continue and all the culprits must be arrested and taken to court on Monday plus our officer who issued the approval must be punished. Alluta continua

Mike Sonko

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