Stop Eating Garlic and Ginger, This is What it Does to You

Garlic and Ginger

Garlic and Ginger are not but just flavorful but they are also herbs that we use to treat the common ailments an example being the common cold. Just like everything the both of these two have their pros and cons, but mostly the side effects are usually due to excessive intake, but also in some cases, they aggravate health issues.

Here are some of the side effects for each:


Stop Eating Garlic and Ginger

Could aggravate the vaginal infection

Vaginal health is a must for women, If you are suffering from a vaginal infection it is crucial to avoid eating garlic, this is because it will aggravate the yeast infections by irritating the tender tissues of the vagina.

Skin rashes

consuming excessive garlic causes or leads to skin irritation and rashes, this is because it usually has Allinase an enzyme that causes skin irritation.

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Vomiting and Heartburn

Eating raw garlic excessively is usually sometimes the cause of heartburn so please next time reduce its intake.


Raw garlic triggers headaches but its not immediate but the process of getting the headache.


Garlic and Ginger

Unsafe during pregnancy

Gynecologists always warn the intake of ginger, this is because it can lead to a miscarriage, plus it is advisable to consult a doctor before consuming one during pregnancy.


Ginger usually has anti-platelets properties and can lead to excessive bleeding when taken together with a garlic clove.

Aggravates heart conditions

Excessive intake of Garlic and Ginger causes heartbeat irregularities and it is advised for the people with high blood pressure medications to avoid it.

Not good for your stomach

Consuming Garlic and Ginger on an empty stomach leads to gastric simulations which leads to digestive distress and a very bad. stomach upset.

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