How Phone Call From Statehouse To Raila’s Office During A Secret Meeting Sealed Sonko’s Impeachment.

Sonko's Impeachment.

The goose seems to have already been cooked for Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko by Statehouse, President Uhuru’s Men. The embattled politician has been on the receiving end of state-sponsored attacks for the past few months. 

After signing off-key county government functions to the newly created Nairobi Metropolitan services, the outspoken governor was left without any substantial power.

He has since then been in a fight with the NMS boss General Badi. According to a report by the Daily Nation newspaper, Sonko has been rubbing president Kenyatta the wrong way with his recent actions of refusing to sign the county budget proving to be the last dare on President Uhuru’s patience.

According to the report, the President has grown tired of Sonko’s antics and has now sanctioned for his removal through an impeachment motion. 

The report has revealed how Sonko’s political demise was well planned and is now ready to be executed. A call from the State House to Raila’s Office in Capitol Hill is all that was needed to seal Sonko’s fate. The meeting was between Raila Odinga and Nairobi County assembly officials. 

“The process began on Sunday evening following a call from the State House the day before. The reason given was his refusal to work with NMS Director-General Mohammed Badi and his constant abuse of the President,” said a Jubilee MCA who sought anonymity. 

The motion will be tabled for voting next week on Thursday. If successful, Sonko will be left at the mercy of the senate. If the whole process is successful, the speaker will assume power for 90 days before a new governor is elected through a by-election. 

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