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Cost of Starting a Milk ATM Machine Business

Milk ATM Machine Business

Recently the milk ATM machine business has been the talk of the town. This is a fairly profitable business if managed well.

But it all depends on your business capacity demand supply and the market chain.

For a starter, I recommend someone to start with a milk vending machine with a capacity of 100 liters if you are in a low-traffic area.

This will ensure you do not run out of milk too early before you get more stock from your supplier.

On the other hand, if you are located in a high traffic area where there is high consumption of milk then you will definitely need to invest in a bigger capacity milk dispensing milk ATM machine business.

This will ensure you do not miss out on business from all the clients because milk will not run out quickly.

How Much To Spend As You Start milk ATM machine business (Estimates)

Buying Milk ATM (200 Litres) – Ksh275,000 Rent & Deposit Ksh20,000 Pasteurised Milk Ksh55 per litre. Transport Ksh1,000.Relevant Licenses Ksh20,000.


In supermarkets, a liter of pasteurized and packaged milk goes for Ksh100/- and therefore by offering cheaper prices you will definitely have a clear competitive advantage.

Remember, you can start small even without a pasteurizer and still make a decent profit.

Alternatively, you can choose to invest a little more and buy a pasteurizer so you can be adding value to your milk and selling it at a double profit.

And milk, being such a basic product, you don’t have to struggle to get customers. Isn’t that something worth pondering upon?

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