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How To Start A Butchery Business With Less than 40k And Earn More Than 100k/month

How To Start A Butchery Business

Butchery business is no doubt a lucrative business in many parts of the world. Many people depend on meat for food. Gone are the days when people could slaughter their own animals like a cow or goat just for food.

They prefer selling it as a whole and using part of the money to buy a small amount of meat enough for the whole family. This is the reason why you should think of starting this lucrative business.

Using 40k to start the Butchery business will be enough as you will need a shop, knife, display counter, weighing scale, wrapping bags and butcher’s coat.

Many households buy meat at least once in a week while some buy meat almost every day. This proves that if you start this business you are always sure of selling. The most important thing is to find a strategic location for your butchery and maintain high standard of hygiene.

Importance of shop location

For you to attract more customers, your Butchery business should be located in a strategic place where many people pass on foot. This will help to see many people branching to your shop to buy meat, especially in the evening.

The place should also be a busy place or street where you are sure of getting many customers, the more people there are in that place the more likely they will buy meat from your Butchery business. This will make you earn more money.

Maintaining high standards of hygiene

This is also an important key to attracting more customers. People like clean and tidy places especially if they have to buy food from such a place. Always clean your counter and display glass to make them clean.

Your white coat should remain white and clean, have an extra to help you with this. Nothing is as disgusting as buying foodstuffs from a person with a white coat that has turned brown.

This shows how unhygienic they are. When the butcher and the shop are always clean people will be attracted to them, increasing their daily sales.

Also, have a healthy relationship with your customers to keep them coming to your Butchery business. Ask them how the previous sales were and how they would like you to improve.

And take into consideration whatever they tell you to improve not just asking to please them. Remember a customer is always right.

When buying a weighing scale, buy one which can allow you weigh meat at any price. Your customers will be of different backgrounds, so they will want to buy meat according to what they can afford, it will help you to satisfy their needs.

They will feel comfortable buying from your shop as you can give them meat for any amount.

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