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Mike Sonko Personal Statement On EACC Witch Hunt Allegations.

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“Fellow Kenyans, a lot has been said lately regarding my frequent run-ins with the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC).

As I have stated countless times before, I have never had any qualms at all with any investigations against me as a state officer. However, I would generally have a problem with individuals misusing public offices to cover-up for their crimes, while at the same time using intimidation, witch-hunt and arm-twisting tactics against those genuinely committed to fighting corruption and impunity in Kenya.

Below are TWO very important narratives that serve as proof that, indeed, corruption and impunity fights back, oftentimes from the least likely of quarters. What worries me most is when the Constitutional Institution tasked with fighting corruption perpetuates the same vice with impunity.


In May 2014, one JOHNSON NYAGA KIBIRA (a former Nairobi County employee) attempted to build a Boundary Wall and a Gatehouse on Land Reference Number NAIROBI/BLOCK 103/793 in Mugoya Estate on Muhoho Road, South C which is a public utility plot earmarked for ECDE Centre/Playground for children in Mugoya Estate. When Mugoya Estate Residents reached out to me then as the Senator of Nairobi County, and we confronted the land grabber, we found that the purported to have a title for the land issued by County Council of Nairobi on 20th September 2012 although the land had been a playground for children since the estate was built.

On 27th May 2014, we agreed with the residents that they report the matter to EACC and in a letter on the same date, Catherine Njiru of P.O. Box 59041-00200 Nairobi wrote on behalf of the Estate Residents to EACC requesting for investigations into allegations of suspected fraudulent/irregular acquisition of the public land Plot Number NAIROBI/BLOCK 103/793 in South C. Evidence shows that the allegations of grabbing of that land were true and merited investigations as a matter of urgency.

On 16th July 2014, EACC Director of Investigations Abdi A. Mohamud responded to Catherine Njiru vide letter Ref. No. EACC. 6/16/1 Vol, XXVIII (69)-46286 noting receipt of the letter dated 27th May 2014. The letter acknowledged the allegations of suspected fraudulent/irregular acquisition of public land and promised to take the necessary steps to verify the same to inform action, as need be. Interestingly, the Director of Investigations also advised the Complainant that she “may seek further intervention from the National Land Commission” even though she had indicated it as public land.

However, despite the undertaking, Abdi A. Mohamud as EACC Director of Investigations refused to investigate the complaint of Catherine Njiru at all, contrary to section 25 of the Anti-corruption and Economic Crimes Act, 2003 which makes it mandatory for EACC to investigate every complaint unless it dismisses the same in writing. It took another report to EACC 4 years later on 23rd July 2018 for the Commission to launch an inquiry into the grabbing of the subject plot.

According to the intelligence I have, instead of investigating the complaint upon receipt, the EACC Director of Investigations Abdi A. Mohamud immediately used the information obtained from the whistleblower on the grabbing of the public land in South to appropriate the land for himself and his personal friend Isaack Abdullahi Ibrahim and the same plot had been transferred to him by 11th December 2014.

On 15th September 2014 (2 months after the Abdi A. Mohamud letter to the whistleblower Catherine Njiru), sale of land agreement Reference Number M/035/2014 drawn by J.K. MWANGI & CO. ADVOCATES of Avenue Office Suites, 3rd Floor, P.O. Box 9301-00300 Nairobi was executed between JOHNSON NYAGA KIBIRA (ID. NO 3727396) and ISSAC ABDULLAHI IBRAHIM (ID NO. 1195102) for sale of the South C Plot measuring 0.218 Hectares (0.521 acres) at a throwaway price of Ksh. 42,500,000.

On 4th November 2014, the Advocates for ISSAC ABDULLAHI IBRAHIM (the purported purchaser) ISEME, KAMAU & MAEMA ADVOCATES as listed on the sale agreement (clause 3) sent at 15:30 send Ksh.38,250,000 from I & M Bank Account No. 00100076871201 (Transaction Ref. No. 9990RTGS4033614) to then FINA BANK Account No. 1111800331 (Kimathi Street Branch) in the name of J.K. MWANGI ADVOCATES. The firm of J.K. MWANGI ADVOCATES is listed in the Sale Agreement as Advocates for JOHNSON NYAGA KIBIRA with the proprietor James Karanja Mwangi Advocate No. P.105/3042/96 (aka J.K. MWANGI) witnessing and certifying the signature of the vendor on the agreement as being known to him.

On 17th November 2014, the said JOHNSON NYAGA KIBIRA signed a transfer of lease witnessed by the same J.K. Mwangi Advocate who witnessed his signature and certified his photo, ID No. 3727396 and PIN NO. A003944002Y as true copies of the original. He also certified that the said JOHNSON NYAGA KIBIRA appeared before him on the same date 17th November 2014 and signed the transfer. The transfer is drawn by the Purchaser’s advocate ISEME, KAMAU & MAEMA ADVOCATES under reference number IBR-001-0009-12 and the ID. No. 11951012 and PIN. NO. A003023556J is certified by Emma Irene Gathoni Wacira Advocate P.105/5947/05 of P.O. Box 11866-00400, Nairobi.

On 11th December 2014, the transfer was purportedly registered and the certificate of the lease for NAIROBI/BLOCK 103/793 was issued to Issack Abdullahi Ibrahim of P.O. Box 1953-00100 Nairobi.

On 23rd December, 2014, J.K. Mwangi Advocates vide Reference Number 001RTOU143570033 from the law firm’s account at Chase Bank Account No. 0012000103001 in the name J.K. MWANGI AND CO. ADVOCATES TRUST A/C transferred by via RTGs Ksh. 10, 350,000.00 to then and current Nairobi City County Chief Officer Lands, STEPHEN GATHUITA MWANGI First Community Bank Ltd Account No. 107871 at 2:36PM. The same Advocates from the same account on the same day 23rd December 2014 transferred to Ksh. 1,850,000.00 to the purported vendor of the Land NAIROBI/BLOCK 103/793 JOHNSON NYAGA KIBIRA vide transaction Reference Number 005TROU143570051.

On 12th September 2012 when the public land NAIROBI/BLOCK 103/793 was purportedly transferred to JOHNSON NYAGA KIBIRA, Stephen Gathuita Mwangi (alias SG MWANGI) was at the time the Deputy Director, Land and Engineering Survey (2008-2013) and before then he was the Assistant Director Land Survey (2004-2008), Principal Land Surveyor (1989-2004) and Senior Surveyor (1985-1989). Prior to that, SG Mwangi was a Staff Surveyor at the Ministry of Works, Housing & Physical Planning (1982-1985).

Indeed, it is also around this time when SG MWANGI was Staff Surveyor at the Ministry of Works, Housing & Physical Planning that the survey and issuance of lease for Block 103 for Mugoya Estate, where the grabbed land is situated, was done and leaving that land unallocated as a public utility plot for ECDE Centre and Playground for children. In a sworn affidavit dated 4th October 2019 filed in ELC Case No. 158 of 2019, Margaret Wambeti, one of the investigators of EACC appointed to investigate the case states in Paragraph 25 thereof: “Notably, Nairobi Block 103 (the grabbed land is NAIROBI/BLOCK 103/793) was created from the years 1980 with all its leases issued by the National Government being the Head Lessor running from 1984, 1986 & 1993. The lease to the suit property is for the year 1978 with the head lessor purportedly being the defunct Nairobi City Council.”

Further, in Paragraph 26 of the same Affidavit drawn and filed on behalf of EACC in court by Clare Cherono Lai Advocate (the EACC In-house Advocate handling the case ELC No. 158 of 2019), Ms Margaret Wambeti proceeds to state:“THAT investigations so far conducted by the 2nd Respondent (EACC) reveal that the suit property (Land Reference Number NAIROBI/BLOCK 103/793), a public property, was illegally and fraudulently alienated through an intricate corrupt and fraudulent scheme involving public officials and private citizens.”

The information that STEPHEN GATHUITA MWANGI, being Nairobi County Chief Officer, Lands on 23rd December 2014 received Ksh. 10,350,000 from J.K. MWANGI & CO. ADVOCATES for giving consent for the transfer of the public land by one Land Grabber JOHNSON NYAGA KIBIRA to another land grabber ISSACK ABDULLAHI IBRAHIM, has been known by EACC Director of Investigations Abdi A. Mahamud and his EACC Investigating Officers working under him all along since last year but they have done nothing to recover the public land.

On 13thMarch, 2018, the same JOSEPH NYAGA KIBIRA (even though he had purportedly sold and transferred the land to ISAACK ABDULAHI IBRAHIM 4 years earlier) applied to the Nairobi County for building plans approval under REF. NO CPD/DC/L.R. BLK/103/793/MNI and paid Ksh. 1,830,200.00 vide Receipt Number 180313009653645 (for Invoice Number INV-22393) in the name of Johnson Nyaga Kibira.

On 29th March, 2018, even though the Urban Planning Department is the one that had earmarked the land in question NAIROBI/BLOCK 103/793 as public utility land for use for ECDE Centre and Children Playground during approval of the Mugoya Estate plans, and the land had always been used as a children’s playground, the Director of the Urban Planning Department purported to approve the plan, Reg. No. CPF AP 040, for proposed shops, offices and 28 No. (two bedroom apartments) 8 levels to be erected on NAIROBI/BLOCK 103/793.

On 23rd July, 2018, a complaint was made on behalf of Mugoya Residents to EACC, after which they launched investigations into the allegations of illegal and/or fraudulent acquisition and disposal of public the property Nairobi/Block 103/793.

Since July 2014 when Director of Investigations Abdi A. Mahumud replied to Catherine Njiru’s complaint made on 27th May, 2014, EACC had not opened an inquiry file. It is not until 2018, after the second complaint was made, that investigations were commenced vide Inquiry File EACC/AT/INQ/26/2018, to establish the veracity of the allegations on the illegal or fraudulent acquisition of the land NAIROBI/BLOCK/103/793.

From 28th August 2018, EACC commenced preliminary investigations and sought information from relevant/responsible institutions including, among others: The Director of Physical Planning, The Secretary of Lands, the Chief Land Registrar, the Director of Surveys, the Director-General NEMA and the County Secretary, Nairobi City County all of whom confirmed the land is public utility.

On 15th October 2018, EACC Deputy Director, Humphrey Mahiva wrote to the Nairobi City County Secretary vide letter Reference Number EACC. 6/16/1 Vol LXVI (39), requesting S.G. Mwangi, the Chief Officer Lands to go to Integrity Centre Offices on Thursday 18th October 2018 at 10:00AM for an interview and statement recording to assist with investigations in respect of Land Reference Number: Nairobi/Block 103/793, assisted by EACC Officers Margaret Wambeti and Justus Wangia.

On 14th November, 2018, Nairobi County Chief Officer-Urban Planning Justus Mwendwa Kathenge wrote to Humprey Mahiva, Deputy Director, Investigations at EACC Reference No. UP/PCE/00225 in reference to EACC Letter Reference No. EACC.6/16/1 Vol LXVI (40) confirming that the land is public utility land. The next day, on 15th November 2015, Humphrey Mahiva of EACC launched a Restriction on Nairobi/Block 103/793 to Chief Land Registrar vide letter Reference No. EACC.6/16/1 Vol LXVI(101) “Pursuant to Section 76(1)(2)(b) of the Land Registration Act, 2012…for restriction on dealings (transfer, sale or other dealings) related to the above parcels of land until the allegations are verified.”

On 10th April, 2019, EACC through Humphrey Mahiva wrote to the Nairobi City County Secretary Letter Reference ACC.6/16/1 Vol. LXVIII (101) titled RE: REQUEST TO STOP DEVELOPMENT ON L.R. NAIROBI/BLOCK 103/793. In the letter, EACC stated: “Our preliminary findings reveal that the parcel of land was irregularly acquired. In the course of our investigation we established that the proprietor has an ongoing construction on the subject land. This is therefore, to kindly but urgently request you to stop the ongoing construction until the investigations are completed.”

On 17th April 2019, as Nairobi County we complied with the request of EACC and wrote to JOHNSON NYAGA KIBIRA vide Letter Reference Number NCC/UP/DC/L/0098/TDA/jnm canceling building plan Reg. No. CPF-AF363 and CPF-AP040 on Plot No. NAIROBI BLOCK 103/793, Muhoho Road, South C.

On 6th May 6th 2019, an Internal Memo from T.D. Adanje, Assistant Director Development Control to Chief Officer, Urban Planning Ref. Number NCC/UP/DC/M/0107/TDA/jnm confirmed that the approval had been cancelled by the Technical Committee.

On 15th May, 2019 ISSACK ABDULLAHI IBRAHIM filed a case ELC 158 of 2019 against Nairobi City County, EACC and JOHNSON NYAGA KIBIRA which sought various orders including the lifting of the Restriction Order (but had not enjoined Chief Registrar). However, there was no prayer for orders to continue construction or for reinstatement of the cancelled building approvals.

On 24th May, 2019, EACC appointed Claire Cherono Lai (P105/9011/12), who is an in-house Counsel for EACC, as their Advocate in the matter. There is no record of Nairobi City County instructing any advocate, and the advocate on record for the County was sourced by the land grabber with help of his friend Nairobi County MCA Abdi Guyo behind the County Executive’s back. Further, there is no evidence of authority from the Accounting Officer of County Executive, namely the County Secretary or the County Attorney, to enter any consent in any application in the matter whatsoever.

Nevertheless, on 27th May, 2019, the lawyers chosen by EACC Director of Investigations Abdi A. Mahamud (for EACC Clare Lai Advocate), Matopeni MCA Abdi Guyo (for Nairobi City County Musyoki Mogaka & Co Advocates who had not yet been appointed by the County or given instructions to consent) and the Land Grabber Issack Abdullahi Ibrahim (Cohen Amenya for Ahmednassir, Abdikadir & Co. Advocates), conspired to enter consent in favour of the land grabber

The Consent Order recorded before Hon Justice B.M. Eboso “THAT pending hearing and determination of the suit, the applicant herein is allowed to continue with development and construction without any interference from any party on L.R. NO. 103/793. THAT the 2nd Respondent is allowed to continue undertaking investigations.” In truth, EACC does not need the permission of the Court to continue or discontinue investigations and the consent by EACC allowing the Land Grabber to continue with the construction, coming in a matter of days after the Commission wrote to Nairobi County to cancel the consent, was strange.

It is at this point when the land grabber resumed construction that residents of South C approached me as the Governor of Nairobi to intervene on the matter. I found the consent strange, as I had never heard anywhere else EACC consenting with a land grabber to continue construction. The consent orders also did not make sense as the public land cannot continue to be available for original use, namely, ECDE Centre and Playground, once a mall is built on it as ordered by consent. I could also not understand why the CEO of EACC had not engaged me on the matter to reach an agreement as he had done before in other matters where we had successfully collaborated in recovering public land stolen by land grabbers.

Further, I read mischief in this matter especially after I learned that the residents through their Estate Administrative Manager Catherine Njiru had written to EACC and Abdi A. Mahamud responded to them promising investigations but sat on the file for the whole time the land grabber in question Isaack Abdullahi Ibrahim was purchasing the land from the original land grabber JOHNSON NYAGA KIBIRA.

I also found it strange that almost a year after the complaint was made, EACC Department of Investigations had not yet summoned or recorded a statement or even informed the Land Grabber whose name was on the title of land NAIROBI/BLOCK 103/973 and who was the beneficiary of the consent ISSACK ABDULLAHI IBRAHIM, despite being adversely mentioned in the complaint dated 23rd July 2018. As a result, I refused to comply with the order allowing the land grabber to continue with development and construction and that is where my problem with the EACC Cartel, led by Abdi A. Mahamud, started in earnest.

On 10th June, 2019, the lawyer for the land grabber Cohen Amanya Advocate wrote to Musyoki Mogaka & Co. Advocates vide letter Reference No. AAC/5822/2013 stating “The above matter refers and our letter dated 27th May 2019. We bring to your attention your clients refusal to reinstate the plans as per the court order which had directed that our client continue with construction without interference. Kindly but urgently let’s resolve the issue to enable the contractor proceed with the construction and development. My client keeps incurring losses and failure to which I will seek the courts intervention.”

I refused to recognize the consent order as the Governor of Nairobi City County. This forced the lawyer for the Land Grabber to go back to court vide Notice of Motion dated 5th July, 2019 before Justice B.M. Eboso again and strangely, the EACC In-House Advocate Clare Lai, Nairobi City County Advocate Musyoki Mogaka & Co. Advocate (without any written instructions) and the lawyer for the land grabber Cohen Amenya purported to enter another consent on 30th July 2019.

Specifically, on 30th July 2019, it was again ordered by consent of EACC in favour of the land grabber for NAIROBI/BLOCK 103/793 ISSACK ABDULLAHI IBRAHIM “THAT an order is hereby issued directed towards the first respondent, its agents or employees to reinstate the approvals and building plans Reg. NO. CPF-AF363 and CPF-AP040 on the property known as Land Reference No. 103/793, South C or any part thereof.” I refused to recognize or enforce the same because I could not and still cannot understand how EACC can enter consent with a land grabber to continue construction even after writing to the county stating that, “Our preliminary findings reveal that the parcel of land was irregularly acquired.”

On that same day, 30th July, 2019, I was summoned by EACC to purportedly go and record a statement on 1st August 2019 concerning public utterances made against Hon. Esther Muthoni Passaris. To illustrate that the summons was an afterthought, the letter reference No. EACC.7/10/11 Vol. XXXI (44) purported that I made the statements on “1st May 2019” which was on “Madaraka Day” when in truth I had not spoken about Esther Passaris on Labour Day, which was held in Uhuru Park, but had made the alleged statements on 1st June 2019 during Madaraka Day at Pangani.

On 31st July, 2019, the Advocate for the Land grabber, armed with the second consent given by EACC was on to the next challenge, namely, to get rid of the restriction imposed by EACC (possibly through another consent). Cohen Amanya Advocate vide letter Ref. AAC/5822/2019 wrote to the Chief Land Registrar and copied EACC stating in bold “We act for Mr. Isaack Abdullahi Ibrahim who is the registered owner of the said property NAIROBI/BLOCK 103/793. It is our instructions that the said restriction should be removed as our client is registered owner of the said property.”

Governor Mike Sonko From Eacc

Further, the land grabber’s advocate added “We wish to also inform that by consent of the parties in ELC No. 158/2019, Issack Abdullahi Ibrahim vs Nairobi County Government and EACC, our client was allowed to continue with the development and construction without any interference from any party on the said property and the approvals and building plans have now been reinstated (we attach the said order). Your cooperation in having the same removed will be highly appreciated.”

On 2nd September, 2019, the Director of Investigations EACC Abdi A. Mohamud (instead of Humphrey Mahiya who had previously written the letter for restriction) responded to the letter vide Reference Number EAC. 6/16/1 Vol LXXI(5), stating as follows and addressed to Mr. Cohen Amanya, Advocate for the Land Grabber: “Please note that the restriction placed on the subject parcel is in tandem with the Court’s direction and orders given on 27th May 2019 on maintenance of status quo. The court did not issue any orders to lift the restriction. The Commission’s investigations have not interfered with any development or construction being undertaken by your Client.” This letter was received on 3rd September 2019.

On the same day, 2nd September, 2019 Abdi A. Mahamud summoned me again to record another statement due to his hard stance on the case and for fear he will stand on the way for the removal of the restriction on NAIROBI/BLOCK 103/793 which is needed in order for the Land Grabber to access the Ksh. 415,000,000 loan facility from DTB Bank. The amazing thing is that the same Abdi A. Mohamud is yet to summon JOHNSON NYAGA KIBIRA more than 4 years since he received and shelved the complaint of Catherine Njiru on the fraudulent allocation of NAIROBI BLOCK 103/793. Abdi A. Mohamud is also yet to summon or record a statement from ISSACK ABDULLAHI IBRAHIM who purportedly bought the property after he received a complaint on to investigate.

While all this was happening, EACC was busy consenting with the two land grabbers despite overwhelming evidence that the land was public land, even as Abdi A. Mohamud was busy using his officers to intimidate Governor Sonko for standing against and threatening to expose the consent orders granted in cahoots with EACC to the land grabber.


On 3rd June 2019, I saw a story on NTV 9PM News with the headline “EACC at pains to explain purchase of Integrity Centre at Ksh. 1.5B. I could not believe my eyes because, just the other day, the story had been in the news, after the property had grabbed by what the media called “shadowy persons.” The statement of EACC Commissioner Paul Gachoka that, as a procurement expert, he had queries on how the Commission undertook the sale without valuation also caught my attention.

Of course, as Governor of Nairobi County, my interest immediately shifted to whether the owners of Integrity Centre had been paying or had paid land rates prior to the sale. I discovered that they had not, but had used a fake Rates Statement of City Council of Nairobi (which was at the time of payment defunct) No. 069290 dated 20th May 2013 with receipt No. 0011692013051064.

On 13th August, 2018, the day DPP arraigned former National Land Commission Chairman Mohammed Swazuri on charges touching on SGR leveled by EACC, former Kiambu Governor Kabogo tweeted: Government should not buy Integrity Centre building. It stands on wet land. Again why pay 1.5B for something bought 2 years ago for Ksh. 450M.

Clearly, something was amiss but little did I know that digging this matter will bring me shocking revelations that would put me at loggerheads with the EACC Cartel led by Abdi A. Mohamed, Director of Investigations, who within no time, I was able to gather that he was the mastermind behind the grabbing and sale of Integrity Centre right while EACC was basking in its cool and glassy shade.

On 15th August 2018, National Land Commission Vice Chairperson Abigael Mukolwe replaced Mohammed Swazuri in acting capacity after he was charged on evidence collected by EACC Director of Investigations Abdi A. Mohamud. I also noticed that Swazuri’s attempt to return back to office was vehemently resisted, and he was only able to make it back to office for a short duration, only for fresh allegations.

On 14th September 2018, even before Vice Chair Abigael Mukolwe could celebrate her first month in office, she gazetted the compulsory acquisition of Integrity Centre, which was in essence Government land after it reverted back on 1st July, 2012. My investigations, which were interrupted by EACC summons, soon established that the beneficiaries of this deal were EACC Director of Investigations Abdi A. Mohamud and his friends Mohamud Ahmed, CEO of Kenya Deposit Insurance Company and Ahmed Adan of Wetangula, Adan, Makokha & Company Advocates. I also noticed that there was an effort by journalists sympathetic to the EACC Cartel to exonerate the Vice Chair and accuse Swazuri of approving the compulsory acquisition of Integrity Centre.

On 17th April 2019, I noticed that Swazuri was arrested again and charged with 23 others on allegations and investigations by EACC and forced to leave office in 17th April 2019 before the issue of EACC was set to come up before Parliamentary Accounts Committee starting May 2019. I can’t say anything about the innocence or guilt of Mohammed Swazuri, that is for the courts to decide, but there are just too many curious coincidences.

On 17th September, 2018 Donald B. Kipkorir tweeted: Integrity Centre with 3 Floors was built at no costs to the owners (I mean for Kshs. 0)…Prism Tower, 28 Floors is modern & built for only Kshs. 1.2B & for sale. EACC thro’ National Treasury decides to buy Integrity Centre, a 40 year old buiding for Kshs. 1.5B…And we wonder.

On 25th March 1994, Revack Limited was established by the firm of Esmail and Esmail Advocates with directors as Kassam Esmail and his mother Shirin Esmail holding trust for unknown client to purchase the property known as Trade Bank Centre (today’s Integrity Centre) from the Deposit Protection Fund Board (DPFB), at the time the liquidator of Trade Bank Limited.

On 1st November 1994, Revack was given a loan of Ksh.152 million by Trade Finance Limited, a subsidiary of Trust Bank Ltd using as security land parcel Number Land Reference Number 209/1069 on which the Integrity Centre sits, the Headquarters of EACC, even before the Revack had bought the same property (clearly a case banking fraud).

On 10th November 1994, Revack partnered with Mr. Ajay Shah (one of the executive directors of Trust Bank) who contributed an additional Ksh.65 million, transferred from Trust Bank Ltd to its subsidiary Trade Finance Ltd (insider unsecured loan). Trade Finance Ltd gave Revack Ltd a further loan of Ksh. 152.5 Million which the company used to pay DPFB Ksh. 217.5 Million for the property that is Integrity Centre today, which was transferred on same day to Revack Ltd.

On 11th July 1995, Shirin Esmail and Kassam Esmail purportedly resigned as directors of Revack Ltd and Messrs. Mukesh Jamnadas Gohil and Jassa Singh Videe were appointed directors. On 16th August 1995, Revack obtained another facility from Trade Finance Ltd of Ksh. 156,486,301.

On 18th September 1998 when Trust Bank was placed under statutory management, the outstanding debt owed by Revack Ltd, whose only asset was Integrity Centre, was Ksh. 484,888,000.00 excluding the Ksh. 65 Million Ajay Shah had illegally transferred to it from Trust Bank. By the time Trust Bank was put on liquidation on 15th August 2001, the amount outstanding was higher because of accrued interest.

On 12th October 1998, DPFB for reasons known to them purported to go to court to and obtained orders in HCCC No. 568 of 1998 charging Integrity Centre Land for Ksh. 152.5 Million only, instead of the Ksh. 488,888,000 outstanding at the time, plus the Ksh. 65 Million contributed by Ajay illegally from Trust Bank. This fraudulent charge was registered on 14th May 1999.

On 24th March 2010, with the expiry of Integrity Centre Land coming on 1st July 2010, Oraro & Advocates wrote on behalf of the Deposit Protection Fund letter reference GOO/6448 to send executed surrender of lease and title of the property, seeking extension of the lease and issuance of a new title in favour of DPFB. Revack had negotiated with Government to transfer the land to DPFB on behalf of Government to settle the depositors who lost their money to Trust Bank.

On 16th August 2010 (after Integrity Centre Land Lease had expired on 1st July, 2010 and the land automatically reverted to National Government), Trust Finance Bank (in liquidation) purported to execute a discharge in favour of Revack Ltd drawn by Oraro & Co Advocates on “condition that replacement charge shall be created over the property in favor of the lender to secure the Debt in replacement of the Existing Charge.”

On 2nd May 2012, the Land Act, 2012 commenced with express provisions in section 13(1) that where land reverts back to national or county government after expiry of leasehold tenure, the land shall NOT be offered for allocation to the immediate past holder of the leasehold if the land “is required by the national or the county government for public purposes.” At this time, the Integrity Centre Land was required for use by National Government, being the EACC Headquarters.

On 21st September 2012, the appointment of EACC Chairperson Mumo Matemu was annulled by three-judge High Court Bench after petition by little-known Trusted Society of Human Alliance and by the time he was reinstated on July 26, 2013 it was too late to save Integrity Centre as it had changed hands on 4th June 2013.

On 6th December 2012, without public participation as required by Land Act, one Mr. Peter K. Kahuho on behalf of Commissioner of Lands purported to issue Letter of Allotment Reference No. 24512/386 for Integrity Centre Land to Revack Ltd despite the fact that the Integrity Centre Land was required by the national government for public purposes, namely, as office of EACC.

On 13th March, 2013 Tegus Ltd registration number CPR/2013/96498 was registered with equal shareholders being WATUWATU LTD of P.O. Box 10902-00400 Nairobi and SUNNEX ENTERPRISES LTD of P.O. Box 82271-080100 Mombasa, with Directors listed as Rachel Wanjugu Muthui and Anish Doshi. Directors of WATUWATU LTD are AHMED ADAN and his wife ASMA AHMED ADAN.

On August 10, 2007, the same postal address P.O. BOX 10902-00400 used by the 2 companies, Adan, his wife Asma and Rachel Muthui was used by Ahmed Mohamed Amaer and Mohamed Shtewi Maawal to register LAICO [Kenya] Ltd to which GRAND REGENCY HOTEL was eventually transferred on 5th May, 2008 with obvious help of EACC (story for another day).

On 4th April 2013, Oraro & Co. Advocates wrote to Mrs. Olando, Assistant Commissioner of Lands letter reference GOO/6448/POA seeking to withdraw the documents released to her on 24th March 2010 stating that, “the same are urgently required by our client (DPFB) for another transaction.”

On 23rd April 2013, DPFB Director Rose Detho purported to write to the Commissioner of Lands RE: LR NO. 209/1069 NAIROBI- INTEGRITY CENTRE requesting him “to process a new Title Deed of the Subject property and allow for collection of the same by ourselves” curiously without indicating in whose favour the title is to be issued raising suspicion it was a forgery.

On 25th April 2013 at 4:38PM Kipsanai L.K send an email to the office email of Mohamud Ahmed, [email protected], then Assistant Director, Liquidations at DPFB (current CEO of Kenya Deposit Insurance Company, KDIC) confirming payment of conveyancing fees of Ksh. 21,592.00 by Central Bank on behalf of DPFB to Commissioner of Domestic Taxes.

On 6th May 2013, the stamp duty of Ksh. 122,020 (inclusive of penalty) for the conditional discharge drawn by Oraro & Co. Advocates to allow for renewal of lease in favour of DPFB was purportedly registered as Land Registrar No. 278 (name not clear) as evidence of discharge of Revack Ltd by DPFB, which was not the true position.

On 30th April 2013, a new grant IR 144208 (LR No. 209/1069) was issued in favour of Revack Ltd. The same was registered on 2nd May 2013 by Lands Registrar No. 213, one W. Kamuyu, attached to Deed Plan No. 251939 prepared by one J.K. Kibiru for Director of Surveys on 22nd April 2013.

On 7th May 2013, the new grant to Land LR 209/1069 is signed for and collected by Mohamud Ahmed, Ass. Director of DPFB ID. No. 5289157 (a known mutual friend of EACC Director of Investigations and Ahmed Adan Advocate of Wetangula, Adan Makokha & Co. Advocates).

On 10th May 2013, DPFB Director Rose Detho writes to EACC Director (not CEO) asking for investigations on the matter surrounding the Integrity Centre property and curiously notes that in 3 days only, lawyers for Revack Ltd “M/S Kipkenda & Co. Advocates recently negotiated and settled the debt owed with DPFB. DPFB in turn discharged and released title documents of the above property (Integrity Centre) to the Lawyers for Revack Ltd).

On 15th May 2013, one Anthony Ongondi responded for EACC to DPFB vide letter reference EACC.1/1/ Vol. II (40) acknowledging receipt of the 10th May 2013 letter with enclosures and promised to contact them shortly for more information, but EACC did nothing for a month, during which period Integrity Centre Land was transferred to a company owned by Ahmed Adan, friend of EACC Director of Investigations Abdi A. Mohamud.

On 23rd May 2013, the firm of Wetangula, Adan, Makokha & Co. Advocates made an application for consent Ref. Wam/c/Gen/2013 to transfer and charge Integrity Centre Land. On May 24, 2013 consent to transfer this property, Ref. 24512/TC/14, was given by Mrs. E.S.L. Olando (the same Assistant Lands Commissioner written to by Oraro & Co. Advocates).

On 24th May 2013, a transfer drawn by Wetangula, Adan & Makokha & Co. Advocates for the Integrity Centre Land was purportedly executed between REVACK LTD and TEGUS LTD with directors of REVACK declared as GIDEON MUNYAO MWONGA (then a Messenger of Adan Ahmed) and MOHAMED THEBET TUWEI (Brother-in-law to the same Adan Ahmed).

As at May 2014, GIDEON MUNYAO MWONGA who hailed from Embu had died mysteriously, less than a year after purportedly signing the Transfer, after he offered to testify to EACC. Mohamed Tuwei was found in Kakamega by EACC investigators selling bread and “he indicated lack of knowledge of the firm known as Revack Ltd leave alone the property on which Integrity Centre sits.”

On 31st May 2013, the Chief Registrar Lands Mr. Ngau raised the value of the land from the purchase price of Ksh. 400,000 Million to Ksh. 450,000,000 for purposes of stamp duty. There is no evidence of payment of stamp duty or clearance of Land Rates with Nairobi County.

On 4th June 2013 at 12:00 Noon, the Integrity Centre property lease was purportedly transferred to TEGUS LTD under unclear circumstances by C.K. Ngetich Lands Registrar No. 212 for Ksh. 400,000,000. There is no evidence that such money was paid and EACC Investigator in charge of the case wrote to EACC Chairman on 27th February 2015 stating “It is strongly suspected that not a cent or only a nominal fee was paid by Revack Limited to redeem the debt.”

On 13th June 2013, EACC and DPFB officials pretended to do a meeting to follow up the case, and one wonders why for a whole month EACC Director of Investigations Abdi Mohammed did nothing as the property lease was grabbed and transferred by cartels. However, for the next 4 months nothing was done.

On 3rd October 2013, after much pressure from Commissioners to act on the case, finally, EACC Director of Investigations Abdi Mohamed wrote to DPFB vide letter reference EACC. 6/2/2 vol II (27) asking for documents and information touching on the use of property comprising Land Registration Number 209/1069 (Integrity Centre). He appointed officers Kipsang Sambai and Tabu Lwanga to collect the information. Inquiry file No. EACC/AT/INQ/10/2013 was opened for the Integrity Centre Land Case but was never concluded.

On 14th February 2014, in a letter that should have raised suspicions at EACC, DPFB Director Rose Detho (who it is suspected her signature was being forged at behest of KDIC CEO Mohamud Ahmed as all he letters were without reference number) purportedly wrote to EACC stating “this matter now stands resolved and we, therefore, request you to close your file.”

On 19th February 2014, Abdi A. Mohamud wrote to the Lands Secretary Reference No. EACC 6/16/1 Vol. XXXIV (56) making a strange request for ORIGINAL documents and information relating to land reference (IR) number 209/1069 IR No. 3653. In the letter, he stated “The documents included may include but not limited to original or certified copies of correspondence file, deed/parcel file, and any other documents.” All indications are they had agreed with his cartel members at lands that in response to the request they forward the originals for his safe keeping.

On 29th August 2018, Humphrey Mahiva, Deputy Director, Investigations wrote to The Chief Land Registrar vide Reference EACC.6/16/1 Vol LXV (76) RE: REQUEST FOR DOCUMENTS IN RESPECT OF L.R. NO. 103/793 stating in paragraph 2 “To facilitate our investigations, kindly but urgently provide us with CERTIFIED COPIES of the following documents (1) Official Search of the said parcel (2) Parcel file/Deed File (3) Any other relevant documents.” The standard procedure is asking for CERTIFIED DOCUMENTS, and not ORIGINALS, so why was ABDI MOHAMUD asking for ORIGINALS in the Integrity Centre Land.

On 27th February 2015, in an EACC Internal Memo written to the Chairman of EACC by Kipsang Sambai, he states “Sometime in May 2014, the Director-Investigations (Abdi Mohamud) asked me to cease investigating the matter until further notice. Up to now, I have not received any instructions to proceed. Sometimes after the instructions, the EACC CEO called me to his office and showed me a complaint letter against me from Kipkenda and Company Advocates. It was complaining against me for carrying out arbitrary investigations outside the mandate of EACC. I indicated that I was ready to defend myself if an inquiry is instituted to address the same. I further informed him that the case was officially allocated to me and was registered as EACC/AT/INQ/10/2013 and that I had been briefing the DCEO regularly. When I had showed the DCEO the possible forgeries represented by the indication of the stated directors of Revack Limited in the Integrity Centre property transfer, he asked me to surrender all the documents to Mr. Abdi, Director Investigations.”


On 20th March 2014, Kipkenda & Company Advocates wrote to EACC CEO letter Ref. No. SK/12/CON/2412 making a complaint against Kipsang Sambai and Commissioner Irene Keino, stating thus: “phony investigations were initiated from EACC by Mr. Sambai and Irene Keino purportedly collecting information on the property and the owner Tegus Limited (Our Client)…Mr. Sambai was in frequent visits to Ardhi House and Companies Registry collecting files containing our client’s details and documents.”

One wonders why Mr. S.K. Kipkenda advocate did not complain about Director of Investigations Abdi A. Mohamud who had written the letter Reference No. EACC. 6/16/1 Vol. XXXIV (56) on 19th February 2014 stating “Our officers Messrs. Kipsang Sambai and Tabu Lwanga will be available to collect the said documents.” Mr. Kipkenda also did not complain about Mr. Tabu Lwanga because he was cooperative with Mr. Abdi Mohamud and didn’t accompany Mr. Sambai in collecting the documents. It is instructive that by end of the year, as punishment, Mr. Abdi A. Mohamud posted Mr. Kipsang as the Officer in Charge, Malaba Satelite Office (where he was on 27th February 2015) and later he was posted in Garissa Satellite Office where he is currently based and is genuinely in constant fear of losing his life like many others have.

On 21st August 2014, Abdi A. Mohamud of EACC, pretending that the late George Oriaro Advocate was the whistle blower, submitted several forged and fake documents calculated to frame and fix Commissioner Irene Keino of EACC, who was pushing for investigation on Integrity Centre Plot and protecting Mr. Kipsang Sambai, accusing her of grabbing Kenya Railways Plot LR No. 1/287.

Mr. Abdi A. Mohamud authored numerous documents to justify his falsehoods and fix Commissioner Irene Keino. The first document was a classified advert purportedly dated April 28, 2007 purporting to be a Public Notice for change of user by Nairobi City Council Town Clerk by Irene Keino for Plot No. 1/287. I have confirmed Nairobi City Council never placed such advert in its classified and Nation Media Group can as well confirm.

The second forged document was an Authority for Change of User for the land indicated as LR. No. 1/287-Nairobi, 1.021 Acres whose registered owner was purportedly The General Manager of the East African Ports and Harbors (which was alleged to have been transferred to Kenya Railways Retirement Benefit Scheme). The purported Nairobi City Council document marked File No. 34969/76 has no Nairobi City Council logo and it feigned to be signed by Mburu J.N on 30th November 2007. I can confirm as Governor of Nairobi the document was fake.

Another forgery done to fix Irene Keino was a purported letter Ref. 34969/77 dated 11th November 2008, purportedly written by S.K. Mburugu as a purported approval proposal for change of user by Irene Keino to change Residential Plot 1/287 Kilimani Nairobi to multi-dwelling units.

On 21st August 2014, Irene C. Keino in fighting off the allegations wrote to DCI, Cabinet Secretary Transport & Infrastructure, Chair National Land Commission, CEO Kenya Railways Staff Benefit Scheme, Cabinet Secretary Lands, CEO of EACC stating “I have received intelligence information that some people are purporting to transfer the above property into my name at the National Land Commission. I wish to confirm I have never applied for the allocation of the said property at any time, nor have I appointed any agent to engage in such illegality. I, therefore, request that investigations are urgently undertaken and the culprits brought to book.”

On 25th August 2014, EACC in total disregard of the protests of Commissioner Irene Keino wrote to CEO/Commission Secretary, National Land Commission Ref. No. EACC.6/16/1 Vol. XXX/(21) dated 25th August 2014 stating that “The Commission is in receipt of a complaint that touches on purported allocation or registration of the above-referenced parcel of land, which is situated in Nairobi. We request your Commission to furnish us with details concerning the property, to facilitate our enquiry on the matter. The document was signed by CEO of EACC which is proof that Abdi A. Mohamud has no qualms using EACC CEO’s names and signatures to harass those who stand in the way of his criminal schemes like me.

On 2nd September, 2014, the alleged owners of the Plot No.1/287 Kenya Railways Staff Retirement Benefits Scheme, which Irene Keino was allegedly trying to grab from them, replied vide letter Ref. ES/Gen/1, with the CEO Simon Nyakundi asking for more details on the plot as they were not aware of such property or its location.

On 17th December 2014, Kipkenda & Company Advocates (lawyer for Revack Ltd) wrote to the Director of Criminal Investigations Ref. No. SK/12/CON/2412 stating “We act for Tegus Ltd on whose instructions we wish to lodge this complaint. Our client’s attention has been drawn to clandestine activities intended to forge documents of its property Land Ref. 209/1069 usually known as Integrity Centre by one Mr. Kipsang Sambai and Irene Keino purporting to be acting on behalf of EACC in team work with land fraudsters connected to senior officers in the Ministry of Lands. The property was transferred from Revack to Tegus Limited (both our clients).

On 18th February 2015, Kipkenda & Co. Advocates in letter Ref. SK/12/CON/2412, giving EACC Chairman then Mumo Matemu on behalf of the Commission, purportedly acting on instructions of Tegus Ltd, NOTICE to vacate Integrity Centre by 30th June 2015 and accusing the Commission of letting a commissioner and a member of staff (referring to Commissioner Irene Keino and Kipsang Sambai) to investigate them.

On 27th February, 2015 EACC Chairman Mumo Matemu replied to Kipkenda & Company Advocates vide Ref. EACC. 1/1 Vol. 11(175) asking for more details. On the same day he asked Mr. Kipsang Sambai to give him a report on the investigations which contained in the Internal Memo of the same date.

On 12th March, 2015 lawyer Geoffrey Oriero, Advocate No. P15/5212/03 of Oriaro & Co. Advocates made a petition seeking the sacking of Chairman of EACC Chairman Mumo Matemu and Vice Chair Irene Keino over allegations of violation of the Constitution. Mr. Oriaro stated that the EACC Chair interfered with investigations into the multi-billion-shilling Anglo Leasing scandal, and should, therefore be sacked. Remember investigations dockets alleged to have been interfered with was under Abdi A. Mohamed. Matemu dismissed the petition as corruption fighting back.

On 20th March, 2015, EACC Chairman Mumo Matemu formed a Special Team to probe, among others, to establish how the Integrity Centre Land was transferred to the current purported owner and how the property was discharged, why upon expiry of lease the property did not revert to Government and why if the ownership of the property had been transferred to the purported buyer, EACC was still paying rent to Revack Ltd from June 2013 to March 2015.

On 19th April 2015, EACC Chair Mumo Matemu said his life was in danger after a van rammed into his official car twice in Nairobi along Chiromo Road. The occupants of the car that hit Matemu’s car ran away and could not be traced.

On 27th April 2015, the late Jacob Juma posted “How can Ahmed Adan Advoc and his wife Asma Ahmed Adan steal Integrity House in broad daylight…” One year later, on 5th May 2016, Jacob Juma was killed in a cold-blooded murder that shocked the entire nation.

On 30th April 2015, EACC Vice Chair Irene Keino resigned saying she did so to spare her family the anguish of a judicial process that will cause them unimaginable pain. She said: “The Commission and I have found ourselves in the proverbial hot water that has characterized the war on corruption in the past”

On 12th May 2015, EACC Chair Mumo Matemu resigned citing personal rights and interests. On 31st May, 2015 the last Commissioner Prof. Jane Onsongo resigned claiming EACC “was incapable of fighting corruption.” His bodyguard, an AP Officer Mr. Joshua Momanyi, had earlier petitioned seeking removal of Prof. Onsongo accusing her of gross misconduct and violating the Constitution by sending her to buy groceries.

On 19th August 2015, Geoffrey Oriaro from Ugenya, the lawyer who had petitioned for sacking of Matemu and Keino was found dead in swimming pool Beach Seafront Chalet Hotel at 4:30AM. His family said he was a good swimmer and was pulled out of the water alive but died at the hospital.

On August 29, 2015, former Ugenya MP Chris Karan said the fact that the lawyer died barely six months after he filed a petition to oust EACC bosses needed to be investigated. On 24th August 2019, he was arrested by EACC detectives and accused of forging documents used in the election petition.

On 2nd September 2015, Three relatives of Lawyer Geoffrey Oriaro died in a Nakuru road accident on a Wednesday morning, two weeks after he was found dead. Oriaro’s brother Patrick Ochieng and his wife Rose Akoth and their daughter were traveling back from his burial. Patrick had said at the burial that the sudden death “cannot just be left like that.”


On 3rd June, 2019, EACC Commissioner Paul Gachoka declared that, as a Commission, they had issues with a valuation of Integrity Centre for the sale. His close relative, James Gachoka, was arrested by EACC detectives and accused of and charged with involvement in the 100M audit vault scandal.

On 30th July 2019, I was summoned by EACC Reference EACC. 7/10/1 Vol. XXXI (44) just weeks after I started probing and following up on the Integrity Centre land sale. The summon was such an afterthought that I was accused me of “making utterance against Esther Muthoni Passaris on 1st May 2019 (Labour Day) at Pumwani Grounds. How did EACC miss the fact that I made the statements on Madaraka Day at Pangani Grounds? This is the same day the 2nd illegal Consent on the South C Land reinstating the Building Approvals was entered behind my back.

On 31st July 2019, my Personal Legal Advisor (Advocate of High Court of Kenya), who had accompanied me to EACC the day before and who had advised me against complying with the 27th May 2019 Consent Order by EACC and the Land Grabber, was summoned at 5.00PM and his phone confiscated without even signing an inventory and to this day it has not been returned to him. I enjoy Advocate-client confidentiality with him. On the same 31st July 2019, EACC wrote to my banks for statements possibly after gleaning my accounts from my Legal Advisor’s phone which I had shared for tax advisory.

On 7th August 2019, Siaya Speaker George Okode who had called for probe into the death of Geoffrey Oriaro was summoned by EACC for allegedly pocketing Ksh. 200,000 for “fictitious Uganda trip.”

On 27th August, 2019 EACC summoned me again accusing me of receiving money from my friends before I became Governor from companies that are not contractors in the County. It was almost one month and I had refused to recognize the Consent Order of 30th July 2019 as well.

On 2nd September 2019, the day I appeared before EACC is the same day Abdi Mohamud remembers to reply a letter from the South C Land Grabber’s lawyer dated 31st July 2019, one month later promising to help “maintain the status quo” meaning the land grabber continues with construction on the grabbed public land against my wishes. Next day, EACC retweeted a story in the media falsely claiming I had been bribed Ksh. 20 Million which made me wonder about its source.

On 20th September 2019, at 11:37AM Matopeni MCA Abdi Guyo meets Director of Investigations EACC Abdi A. Mohamud at the Poolside of Heron Portico Hotel. Guyo arrived first and Abdi a few minutes later. Intelligence confirmed to me that Abdi Guyo had agreed with Issack Abdullahi Ibrahim and property owners who had been given illegal approvals to fund Abdi A. Mohamud until he makes sure I take a plea and step aside to allow for a person who can let him finish constructing his mall on the South C Public Land. Money was exchanged in an orange bag by aides.

On 27th September 2019, MCA Abdi Guyo accuses me of killing careers after I suspended 2 of my CEC Members, which is within my constitutional prerogative after the death of 8 pupils. He leads a mutiny of MCAs against me and threatens to impeach me.

On 11th October 2019, Guyo accuses me of wanting to kill him while I am away in France and goes to DCI to record a statement saying he does not trust officers at the Central Police Station, meaning he had likely been send by Abdi A. Mohamud, who was seconded to EACC from DCI, to a specific officer there sympathetic to their cause.

On 23rd October 2019, I went to KTN’s Point Blank show and spoke out against the grabbing of the South C land and Integrity Centre Land and specifically accused EACC Director of Investigations Abdi A. Mohamud as the one trying to fix me for my stance against land grabbing and illegal construction in Nairobi by his friends.

On 27th October 2019, South C Land ELC 158 of 2019 comes up and this time the Nairobi County Lawyer has firm instructions not to consent to withdraw the restriction/caveat on the land which Issack Abdullahi Ibrahim wants lifted so that he can register the land NAIROBI/BLOCK 103/793 as security to access loan facility Reference No. RC/795/GK/RO/SK/2018 Ksh. 415 Million dated 18th December 2018 which has failed to go through due to the restriction placed on the land.

On 28th October 2019, EACC summons me again, vide Letter Reference EACC.7/10/1 VOL. XXXIII (170), for the 4th time in 3 months and it was alleged by EACC in the media that I had lied in my self-declaration form, by claiming that I did not have pending criminal cases. But in truth, none of the 14 EACC self-declaration form questions from (a) to (n) ask anything about having pending criminal cases. So the question begs, did I lie about what I had not been asked about in EACC form???

On 29th October 2019, vide Reference number FLB/CTR/SEC/2/3/VOL.XXVI the Firearms Licensing Board writes informing me that Civilian Firearms Holders were “vetted in an exercise conducted between 4th February to 30th May, 2019” and then invites me for the same on 6th November at 10:00AM. Is Abdi A. Mohamud trying to activate all agencies of Government against me using his friends in the National Police Service to create the impression that he is not the one fighting me but the system when the truth is evident from above???


Given the foregoing, I wish to make my personal appeal to the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) Mr. George Kinoti and the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mr. Noordin Haji, to immediately institute investigations into the conduct of the EACC Director of Investigations, Mr. Abdi A. Mohamud, in clear cases of abuse of office in contravention of Chapter 6 of the Constitution of Kenya, the Anti-corruption and Economic Crimes Act (2003), the Leadership and Integrity Act 2012, and all related legislation.

Now I can understand President Uhuru Kenyatta’s frustration with the EACC particularly on his war against corruption, because, how is it possible to expect impartial investigations, when the EACC Director of Investigations himself is mired in activities that negate the mandate of his office? When he abuses his office to settle personal scores or intimidate those who find him unfit to remain in a public office?

On Tuesday, 5th November 2019, I will honor the summons by EACC, even though I am scheduled to be interviewed by the same EACC Officers who recorded my statement last time. However, I will be the one to decide where my statement will be recorded within the Integrity Centre, for I know what they are capable of. For the reasons and the manifest coincidences above, I believe I am justified in lacking faith in some of the elements within the EACC Investigations Department led by Director Abdi A. Mohamud.

Fellow Kenyans, BE THE JUDGE! In the meantime, the CARTELS MUST FALL!!!

NB: For copies of all the documents mentioned in this statement, visit my Official Facebook page:


Governor, Nairobi City County

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