Somalia’s Parliament Set to Pass a Bill Allowing Forceful Child Marriage.

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Somali lawmakers raise their hands to vote during a parliament session to impeach Somali Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed, who lost the no-confidence vote in Mogadishu, Somalia, Saturday, Dec. 6, 2014. The speaker of Somalia's parliament says that the body of legislators has voted to oust the country's prime minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed from office, with the vote taking place after several recent rowdy sessions of parliament over the issue. (AP Photo/Farah Abdi Warsameh)

An outcry is rising in Somalia as parliament considers a bill that would allow child marriage once a girl’s sexual organs mature and would allow forced marriage as long as the family gives their consent.

Child marriage has been criticized all over the world, together with the Female Genital Mutilation which has been both thoroughly condemned by International Organizations. These two vices are commonly found practiced in Africa very majorly.

The bad news is that in Somalia, the parliament is on final touches waiting to pass a bill whereby it would allow child marriage. This means that, whenever a girl child has reached her teenage years, then she is eligible to marry even by an 80-year-old man.

It will also allow a forced marriage to the child so longest the parents agree with terms. MPs in Somalia ready to pass a bill allowing a forceful child marriage? Jesus Christ! That’s very discriminative. 

The bill is a dramatic reworking of years of efforts by civil society to bring forward a proposed law to give more protections to women in one of the world’s most conservative countries.

The new Sexual Intercourse Related Crimes Bill “would represent a major setback in the fight against sexual violence in Somalia and across the globe” and should be withdrawn immediately, the United Nations special representative on sexual violence in conflict, Pramila Patten, said in a statement Tuesday.

Nairobi mini Bloggers Somalia's Parliament

The bill also weakens protections for victims of sexual violence, she said.

Already more than 45% of young women in Somalia were married or “in union” before age 18, according to a United Nations analysis in 2014-15.

Somalia in 2013 agreed with the U.N. to improve its sexual violence laws, and after five years of work a sexual offenses bill was approved by the Council of Ministers and sent to parliament. But last year the speaker of the House of the People sent the bill back “in a process that may have deviated from established law” asking for “substantive amendments,” the U.N. special representative said.

The new bill “risks legitimizing child marriage, among other alarming practices, and must be prevented from passing into law,” U.N. human rights chief Michelle Bachelet said this week, warning that its passage would “send a worrying signal to other states in the region.”

Thousands of people in Somalia are circulating a petition against the bill, including Ilwad Elman with the Mogadishu-based Elman Peace organization.

As Somalia prepared to mark International Youth Day on Today, Elman tweeted this week: “I don’t wanna see any Somali officials participating online to celebrate … when you’re trying to steal their childhood away from them RIGHT NOW with the intercourse bill legalizing child marriage.”

Nairobi mini Bloggers Somalia's Parliament
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The U.N. mission to Somalia in a separate statement has called the new bill “deeply flawed” and urged parliament to re-introduce the original one. That original bill “will be vital in preventing and criminalizing all sexual offenses,” the Somalia representative for the U.N. Population Fund, Anders Thomsen, said.

“Big moment for MPs to decide Somalia’s future values,” the British ambassador to Somalia, Ben Fender, has tweeted.

The contentious new bill comes as women’s rights groups openly worry that the coronavirus pandemic and related travel restrictions in Somalia have worsened violence against women and female genital mutilation. Nearly all Somali women and girls have been subjected to that practice.

Some 68% of more than 300 service providers across the country have reported an increase in gender-based violence, including rape, since the pandemic began, UNFPA said in a report last month.

Nearly a third of respondents, including more than 750 community members, said they believed child marriages had increased in part because of economic pressures and in part because schools have been disrupted.

And in some cases, health facilities have closed, limiting access to care.

“Somalia’s parliament is in the move to pass a bill that would allow child marriage. The new sexual intercourse related crimes bill would allow forced marriage as long as the family gives their consent.”

Nairobi mini Bloggers Somalia's Parliament

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