Slay Queen exposes Eric as he sleeps after Poking.

Eric slay queen

Social media is now a weapon of mass destruction as we saw today when this Slay Queen from Copperbelt went guns blazing. According to the video, Precious, Chuma, Agnes, Memory to mention just a few are all poking one man not popularly known as Eric.

The Slay Queen didn’t seem bothered by the fact that Eric pokes a lot of ladies instead she was bragging that she got Eric so tired that he will not be going anywhere but will instead sleep. We can clearly see Eric in the background asleep and snoring heavily.

The Slay Queens were laughing and throwing accusations that Eric is weak in the poking department as he immediately then fell asleep. You can watch the video below and see as the Slay Queens from Copperbelt were exposing Eric to his other hunnies…

It might not have the highlights from that South African Sandton Video but it is worth mentioning that Eric is in hot soup from his many girlfriends. We will give you more information as it becomes available, we are interested to know the name of the Slay Queen and Eric’s full name.

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