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STOP! You Have Broken Our Mother’s Heart! Sister to Woman in Disgusting Video Pleads (Video)


A woman decided to take to social media to send a message to her sister whose raunchy video, having pleasure with several men went viral. The disgusting video made rounds on the internet in the early weeks of April, as many identified her as a married woman who has kids, with some accusing her of adultery.

The viral video of the woman identified as Harriet made her sister record an emotional video posted on Facebook on Friday, April 10, lamenting over how the raunchy video had made their mother a laughing stock.

“My fellow Kenyans, help me reach my sister Harriet through this letter. Harriet, you have trended online, you have become a celebrity overnight, not in a positive but negative way. I do not have to give details of how you managed to do so, but you have broken our mother’s heart.”It is the pride of any mother to see her daughter become a celebrity, but in your case, no. It does not have any positivity.

This is the only message I have for you from our mother. We are the only daughters she has, you and I. You have caused her distress. I went through many comments and I saw people blaming her, but I am here to demystify that,” her sister emotionally disclosed.

The sister lamented over how their mother had raised both of them in a good way, ensuring that Harriet was married in the church, further disclosing that her viral sister abided by her the family’s devoted Christian background by studying Theology, both at the undergraduate level and Masters.

“Mum never gave you out on the road. You did a church wedding. Harriet why have you decided to make mum a laughing stock. Harriet, why? The internet never forgets. You have children my sister and one day when they grow up, someone may show them the video, as not everyone bears goodwill. What kind of seed are you trying to plant? You are the only aunt to my children. The only aunt from our mother’s womb. Harriet, it is devastating, even if you do not believe in God,” she proclaimed, nearly breaking into tears.

She further disclosed that her sister had wallowed in pleasure and high-end lifestyle after she travelled to Egypt.

“I know right now you don’t believe in God ever since you came back, but you have a conscience. Don’t you have a conscience Harriet? I had to gather the courage to send this message to you. I was wondering how it would be when I am associated with you. I know not everyone in the family wants to be associated with you right now.

“The reason why I have decided to reach you through the internet is that I can’t reach you. You blocked everyone in the family, even on social media. Remember the internet never lies, it came back to us. Somebody sent it to me from the US. How far has the video gone?” the sister wondered.

She also tore into the viral woman’s husband, accusing him of letting down the whole family.

“You are not a good husband and a good man. Every time the family has tried to reach out to you, you kept saying ‘Hakuna shida. Iko tu sawa’ (There is no problem. Everything is okay). There are two things here. It is either you initiated her into this issue or she has control over you.

“Any man in his right senses would not allow his wife to do what she is doing. Trending online. I blame you. What kind of seed are you planting in your children? Harriet used to be a good lady, but the moment you guys came back from Egypt she kept on speaking about goddesses. Her Christian personality is what made you marry her.”

She courageously accepted that her decision to point a finger at the husband would soon backfire on her, but she was ready to bear the burden for speaking the truth and pinpointing their wrongdoings.

“I love you Harriet and I will continue praying for you. I know it is the devil’s work, but can you just quit for the sake of mum?” she asked emotionally.

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