“Simba Arati Set A Good Example At Kisii, You MCAs Should Learn From Him,” ODM Party Advice

Simba Arati

While accompanying the former prime minister Raila Odinga, the ODM secretary Edwin Sifuna pointed out that the Dagoreti North lawmaker Simba Arati did what was right to defend himself from attack from Mp Silvanus Osoro.

He went on to point out that the ODM MCAs should learn important lessons from his conduct as it was necessary for political situations sometimes. He noted that Simba Arati found it hard to address the gathering in yesterday’s burial because he was speaking the truth and some people were uncomfortable with it.

He encouraged the MCAs to show the kind of brevity that the legislator showed by rallying behind the BBI. He noted that the ODM party Leader was someone very careful with the kind of decisions he made and thus him opting to sell the document was something good for the country.

He finally added that it was also vital as a party to start solidifying their support base all over the country. He thus told them that they were going to play an important role in the whole process as they were accessible to the common person. He also urged them to continue selling BBI to Kenyans as it was a good gift to Kenyans.

Attached is a video link of Sifuna speaking:

Simba Arati

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