“Sick Citizens Cannot Build Economy,” Magufuli Says As His Statement To Tanzanians Sparks Uproar.


Tanzania’s president John Pombe Magufuli has managed to make a reputation for himself where many observe as a nonsense president. Perhaps it can even be urged that he is the toughest Tanzania’s leader in recent history.

However, many have also attached him a tag as a dictator who only wants things to be done as he says. This can be witnessed on how opposition leaders in his country are firmly handled.

However, his recent personal positions on the coronavirus pandemic which he successfully imposed in his government can be a testament to justify how tough the Tanzanian president is.

And today, he was in a campaign in Chato Geita where he said that his government ensures that everybody in Tanzania earn his or

her right. Magufuli said that many threatened them with dire consequences claiming that those people wanted to shut down their economy.

Magufuli said that pleas and cries of Tanzania’s opposition leaders felt on deaf ears when they pushed motions to compel him to declare Tanzania a country with coronavirus disease.

In May, Tanzania stopped releasing official COVID-19 figures. Magufuli ordered all learning institutions to be opened early June after declaring Tanzania free of COVID-19 disease.

” Coronavirus is satanic,” Magufuli said today in his visit to Chato Geita adding that the disease has no chance in Tanzania. “Sick people cannot build an economy thus why investigating in their health is key,” he added.

The Tanzanian president also said that his government has increased budgetary allocations to health sector which has also lead to a rise in number of referral hospital in Tanzania.

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