Shut Your Ears To Discouragers , Do Not Be Silenced – Rev Lucy Natasha

City popular preacher, Rev Lucy Natasha led the congregation in a powerful sermon dubbed “Do Not be Silenced”.

The church hall located at 680hotel was full to capacity as per the norm. The service began with interesting sessions as congregants took the stage in preparation of the sermon.

Christ be lifted higher , Monday the day of miracles , truly nobody could withhold the overwhelming spirit of spiritual desire .

Moments later , Rev Lucy Natasha arrived in splendid appearance, magnifying the grace to share the word of God.

The powerful sermon circled along the negative perception people have while fighting for their destiny. She affirmed that a destiny is placed in the hands of God and not gossipers . Do Not Be Silenced!

Rev Lucy Natasha quoted Bartimaeus a blind beggar who called out to Jesus for mercy and healing. The faith of Bartimaeus was seen in how he addressed Jesus as the Son of God. While the crowd told the blind man to be quiet, Bartimaus just became louder! When Jesus told his disciples to bring the blind man over, a miracle happened because of his faith.

Again Natasha went ahead highlighting how Blind Bartimaeus realized that his cloak brought him comfort, helped to keep him warn and helped to cloth him while he was on the road side begging, but for him to move forward he was to forget about the past.

Here Dr Natasha stated that a close mouth is an indicator of closed destiny. She adviced her followers to remain prayers and claim their desires from Christ .

Many times people want to come to God but do not want to let go of the things that holds them in bondage. Rev Natasha reaffirmed that for everyone to move forward , must learn to throw down his/her old cloak, get up and move forward.

Rev Lucy Natasha

The wise delivered statement was received with joy and love as congregants danced to the tunes of appreciation.

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